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Equality and Diversity Office

Equality & Diversity Sub-strategy

The Equality Objective for SOAS (required under the Equality ACt 2010)  is to continue to address the objectives in the Equality & Diversity sub-strategy, which is a working document which is frequently updated and about which the Equality & Diversity Committee gets a report each term.  It features the main points on which the Diversity Advisor and E&D Committee are currently focussing their efforts.

The Diversity Advisor and the Public Sector Equality Duty working group are in the process of developing the new Equality & Diversity Strategy 2014 - 2016, this will be published following the Equality & Diversity Committee meeting in February 2014.

Equality & Diversity Sub-strategy January 2012

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E&D Sub-strategy Report May 2012

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E&D Sub-strategy Report Oct 2012

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E&D Sub-strategy Report Feb 2013

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E&D Sub-strategies 2013-14

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