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Equality and Diversity Office

SOAS Black Students' Project


In 2007 an analysis of the SOAS student diversity data for 2005-06 indicated that, although the student body included a very high proportion of people from ethnic minorities overall, there was one group where the proportion was lower than one might expect. The proportions of all minority ethnic groups, except black students, were well above the national averages, while the proportion of black students at SOAS was only at the national average. Since this could be an under-representation of black students, this project was planned to investigate those factors which may encourage or discourage black students from selecting SOAS and completing their studies.

The methods used were both quantitative and qualitative, drawing on primary and secondary data. Opinions were sought from students, academic and support staff, through interviews, an on-line survey and focus group meetings. Information was also drawn from existing statistical evidence and publications intended for marketing.

The report will be published in full once ready.

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SOAS Black Students' Project

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