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If you know that you will not be able to submit assignments and/ or sit examinations in the current academic year, you may want to consider deferring some or all of your assessments.

If you are able to submit your coursework but not by the published deadline, please see Late Submission of coursework.

All applications for deferral are subject to the following criteria:

  • Deferral of assessments should be allowed only in the case of immediate, unexpected or unforeseen difficulties. Such difficulties may include: illness, bereavement, impact of disability, sudden and severe change in personal circumstances.
  • The impact of such difficulties will be of a significant and unavoidable nature.
  • Applications for deferral must be accompanied by relevant documentation (e.g. medical certification).

The term 'assessment' includes all methods by which a course is assessed, including coursework, unseen written examination, practical test etc…

Applications which do not meet the criteria laid down by the School will not be considered.

Taught Courses
If granted, deferrals are normally to the following academic year; that is to the May/ June examination period for end-of-year exams, or to the last day of Term 2 in the following academic year for assignments.
Students will be automatically re-entered for deferred assessments in the following academic session.

If you wish to apply to defer assessments for taught courses, please complete a taught course deferral application form
The deadline to apply for deferral of assessments for taught courses is 22 April 2014.

Dissertation Deferral
If you are a postgraduate student who wishes to apply to defer a dissertation beyond 30 September 2014, please complete a dissertation deferral application form
The deadline to apply for deferral of a dissertation is 1 September 2014.

If the deadline to apply for deferral has passed, please consult the Absence from examinations and coursework non-submission section.