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Centre for Gender Studies

Academic Hospitality

Academic Hospitality

There are three different titles for individuals in receipt of Academic Hospitality: Visiting Academic; Research Associate (or Professorial Research Associate); and Post-Doctoral Associate.

Applications for Academic Hospitality status must be made by the end of week 5 in any given term to be considered for the commencement in following term.

During the 2015/16 academic year the following dates apply:

06/11/15 – for commencement Term 2, 2015/16

12/02/16 – for commencement Term 3, 2015/16

19/02/16 – For commencement Term 1, 2015/16

Successful applicants will:

  • Be assigned to a mentor within the department as the first point of contact;
  • Contribute to seminar series and/or research cluster activities;
  • Contribute to additional departmental activities as appropriate;
  • Acknowledge on any publications which are published during the period of Research Associateship their professional link with the Centre for Gender Studies at SOAS;
  • Write a report at the end of their Associateship outlining what they have achieved during their stay.

If you would like to apply for Academic Hospitality with the department, please review the guidelines below and submit your application to genderstudies@soas.ac.uk.

All applications should include:

  • A written request from an overseas academic including: proposed dates and duration of requested visit;
  • Letter of intent stating how the applicant will contribute to departmental activities and benefit from association with the Centre;
  • Research proposal detailing the scope of the research to be carried out during the period of association with the Centre;
  • A curriculum vitae including list of publications.


1.1 Academic Hospitality is granted by the School to a recognized scholar from a non-British university, known to the Centre, wishing to avail him or herself of the School's Library and public seminars for a stated period of no more than 12 months in the first instance.

1.2 The title for individuals in receipt of Academic Hospitality is 'Visiting Academic'.

1.3 Privileges: Library membership (excluding off-campus use of electronic resources); Use of Staff Common Room; Attendance at lectures and seminars.

1.4 A bench fee is payable. The bench fee is currently £264 per month or £2640 for 12 months (including VAT).


2.1 The title of Research Associate designates an honorary status for a two year period, offered by the Centre to individuals known to a recommending unit wishing to affiliate his or her work with the Centre.  Such persons will be available to participate in the academic life of the School and will enjoy the privileges of an individual in receipt of Academic Hospitality, ie: Library membership (excluding off-campus use of electronic resources); Use of Staff Common Room; Attendance at lectures and seminars.

2.2 Applications approved by the Centre will be sent to the Dean of Faculty and presented to Faculty Board for final approval.

2.3 In applying for Research Associate or Professorial Research Associate status it is expected that applicants will identify the benefit anticipated from the appointment in terms of research collaboration, graduate teaching, etc. and clarify the time to be spent in London.

2.4 Research Associates and Professorial Research Associates should not be from other institutions in the University of London since collaboration with them is covered by normal intercollegiate collaboration.

2.5 Research Associates wishing to extend their status will be required to report on what they have achieved during their stay.


3.1 The title of Post-Doctoral Associate designates an honorary status for a maximum of two years and is not extendable.  It is offered to individuals who have successfully completed a PhD within the previous year, particularly those with PhDs obtained at SOAS, and who wish to affiliate their work with the Centre.

3.2 In applying for Post-Doctoral Associate status, it is expected that applicants will identify the benefit to the Centre and to the individual that is anticipated from the appointment.  

3.3 Applications are subject to approval by the Centre Chair.  

3.4 Those appointed as a Post-Doctoral Associates do not receive the privileges associated with Academic Hospitality or Research Associateships. Requests for assistance with library fees should be submitted in writing along with your application.

 Updated October 2015