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Access Guide to Graduation

We want you and your guests to have an enjoyable day at your graduation ceremony.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding accessibility, please contact the Student Disability Advisors:

E-mail: disabilities@soas.ac.uk

The Graduation Ceremony

The ceremony and reception are held in different locations:

The ceremony takes place in the Logan Hall at the Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL.

The reception will take place on Torrington Square, next to SOAS, immediately after the ceremony.


The Logan Hall has a limited number of seats that require minimal or no use of stairs. We would like to ensure these seats are reserved for those who would be more comfortable in these areas. It is therefore essential that you provide us with the appropriate information at the time of booking. 

To ensure the best choice of suitable seats, please book in good time.

Getting There


By car, the most convenient set-down point is outside the main entrance on Bedford Way.

There are no parking facilities available, disabled or otherwise, at SOAS or the Institute of Education. There are however a number of NCP car parks nearby, for example Bedford Way, Coram Street and Marchmont Street.

More information regarding parking can be found on the London Borough of Camden web site.

Information regarding disabled parking in the London Borough of Camden can be found at: http://www.camden.gov.uk/ccm/navigation/transport-and-streets/parking/parking-permits/blue-and-green-disabled-permits/

N.B. If you are considering attending by car, please ensure you remember to pay the congestion charge.

Underground and Bus

The closest underground stations to the Institute of Education are Russell Square, Euston Square, Kings Cross and Euston.

Unfortunately, none of these stations are fully accessible for entry and exit. Please see the Transport for London web site for more information.

All buses in London are now wheelchair accessible. The closest bus stop to the Institute of Education is in Russell Square.


The nearest mainline stations are Euston and Kings Cross.

Both stations have some step free access into the station; however the interchange with the underground is not step free.

Please see the National Rail web site for more information.

The Institute of Education

The SOAS Graduation Ceremonies take place on level one of the Institute of Education.  Gowning will take place on level one and Registration will take place on level three.   Photography will take place at the SOAS campus.

Levels One, Three and Four of the Institute of Education

The main entrance from Bedford Way has two doors and requires the use of 6 steps. This brings you to level three of the building.

For those who are not able to use stairs there is a platform lift:

  • This is located next to the book shop, to the right of the main entrance.
  • The lift is accessed via a ramp and can be called using the button next to the door.
  • There are two automatic doors which open outwards.
  • The lift will take you to level four of the Institute of Education.
  • From here please follow the signs to the main lifts which are reached through double doors that are held open when the building is in use.

Levels three and four are linked by 21 steps with an intermediate landing. Levels three and one are linked by 40 steps with two large intermediate landings which add a 35 metre walk to the descent.

Passenger operated lifts connect all floors.

The Logan Hall

The Logan Hall can only be accessed from level one.

All doors are held in the open position during seating and exit.

There is level access via the main entrance to the hall which leads to row M. Doors two and three require the use of 20 and 24 steps respectively. Presentees will usually be asked to enter using door one which requires the use of 6 steps.

All seats in the hall can be accessed internally regardless of the entrance used.


Most of the seats in the Logan Hall require the use of some steps.

Row M has level access from the foyer, a row usually indicates two 13cm high steps, therefore there are a total of 25 steps between row M and row Y at the top of the auditorium.

There are 6 steps going down from row M to row E.

If you indicated on your booking that you or a member of your party would be attending in a wheelchair you will have been allocated a seat in row M where we have space for 7 wheelchairs.

If it was indicated that someone had limited mobility you will have been allocated a seat either in row M or in a row accessible via one or two steps.

Presentee Stage Access

There are four steep (23cm) stairs used by presentees to access the stage with a handrail on the right side.

Presentees also traditionally join the academic procession as it makes its way to the top of the hall up all 31 steps and then down again to the foyer.

If you feel that this may be difficult for you, please contact ceremonies@soas.ac.uk immediately so we can discuss the alternative options you have.

Hearing Impairment

An induction loop is fitted in the Logan Hall.

Those with hearing aids need to set their device to the ‘T’ position.

Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs

Please indicate on your application form if you or a member of your party will be accompanied by a guide dog or hearing dog. We will then ensure a seat is allocated where the dog can sit with you comfortably without blocking fire exit routes or the path of students processing for graduation.

Once the ceremonies have concluded please leave the Institute of Education the same way you entered.

We will try our best to ensure quick and easy access to the lifts before the auditorium empties, however this is not always possible when dealing with large crowds.



There are toilets on all levels occupied by the graduation ceremonies with wheelchair access on levels one and four.


There are three passenger operated lifts that can be used to access the areas of the Institute of Education being used for the graduation ceremonies.

These lifts have a 107cm automatic door and are 107cm by 172cm. They have voice announcements.


The complimentary cloakroom is on level three near the main Bedford Way entrance and has a counter height of 76cm.
It can be accessed from other levels using the lifts.

First Aid

Please come to the SOAS Information Desk on level one if you require assistance.

Food and Drink

SOAS's main catering outlets are:

  1. The Refractory in the basement
  2. The Student Union on the ground floor.

Access to the refractory requires the use of stairs or can be accessed via lifts.

The Institute of Education has two main catering outlets:

  1. The coffee shop on level four 
  2. The student union cafe which is accessed via level four.

Access to the student union cafe requires the use of 19 steps which are serviced by two access lifts separated by a landing.
The use of the lifts requires assistance from the main Institute of Education reception located on level four.


There are public telephones on level four near the coffee bar.
One of these phones is on a lower level suitable for wheelchair users.


If you have any questions on the day of the ceremony please contact us at the SOAS graduation information desk located on level one just outside the Logan Hall.

Your Reception

The reception will be held on Torrington Square, just next to the SOAS Main College Building, a two-minutes walk from the Institute of Education.


Presentees and guests will be able to use the toilet facilities provided at the location. Wheelchair users will be directed to the facilities situated in the Brunei Gallery.


There will be a limited amount of seating within the reception venue and there are benches around the Square.


We try to provide an inclusive selection of food which is clearly marked. If you have any allergy concerns, please consult with one of the waiting staff.

We hope that you and your guests have an enjoyable day.