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Graduation DVD

Mygraduationfilm.com will be providing video coverage at your graduation ceremony, capturing your special moment centre stage. Powerful zoom lenses allow us to get close to the action, producing a dynamic recording of your big moment. Unlike smartphone recordings, we follow the action and capture the atmosphere of this great event, preserving your important milestone forever.

This year, look out for the Graduation snapshot offer which is a digital image of your moment centre stage, taken from video. Unlike friends and family who may or may not have been able to capture the right shot of you shaking hands and crossing the stage this will enable you to have a copy of the perfect moment! Available for £10 on the day or free with every purchase of a ceremony DVD.

The event is recorded using multiple cameras. All cameras are directed and controlled live within an on-site studio, allowing us to provide comprehensive quality coverage of your ceremony. Mygraduationfilm.com offer a range of products ensuring that you can re-live your day and share it with those who couldn't be there. So don't miss out on this opportunity, visit www.mygraduationfilm.com to see what they offer and to order your graduation film.