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Photography and Graduation DVD

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Our official photographers, Ede & Ravenscroft, will be there to take portraits of you and your family and friends.  

You can do this either before or after the Ceremony. But the studios will get very busy (especially in the hour before the Ceremony) so please leave plenty of time to have your photos taken.

Make sure you’re registered and robed before you go to the studio.

To book an appointment, go to Ede & Ravenscroft Graduation Photography.

Personalised Frames

You can buy a personalised photo frame online from Memento Frames.  

Class photos

Following on from the success in previous years, we’ll be taking a class photo, which will be on Flickr after the Ceremonies.

Because of all the different combinations of courses and the logistics of organising so many students, we’ve had to group some joint honour degree classes together.

You can check and download the schedule for each day. We’ll be taking the photos on the stairs of College Building – just make your way to the area and our Graduation helpers will put you in your groups.

Make sure you arrive 10 minutes before your session - we’ll need to be prompt as there are a lot of groups to get through.

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Graduation DVD

Mygraduationfilm.com will be filming the entire Graduation Ceremony, capturing your special centre-stage moment.

They use powerful zoom lenses and multiple cameras to get close to the action, capturing the atmosphere of this great event, preserving your important milestone forever.

You’ll be able to relive your day in a variety of ways – see their website for the different packages available. 

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