SOAS University of London

Health and Safety

Fire Safety

In the event of a fire, the alarm will ring continuously until the building has been vacated.

In Case of Fire:

  • sound the alarm by breaking the nearest Break Glass point.
  • notify Reception (ext.555) from the nearest telephone.

If the Alarm Sounds:

  • close windows and doors in your area,
  • turn off gas supplies and portable electric equipment,
  • make sure that everyone in your area is aware of the alarm,
  • leave the building by the NEAREST available exit - DO NOT go back for your coat or belongings,
  • do not use lifts
  • assemble at your designated assembly point and await instructions. DO NOT ASSEMBLE IMMEDIATELY IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING where you might obstruct the exit.
    • 21/22 Russell Square - College Precinct
    • 23/24 Russell Square - College Precinct
    • Main Building - Malet Street
    • Brunei Gallery - Malet Street
    • Vernon Square - Vernon Square (outside Kings Cross Church)
    • Wye Campus - Porter's Lodge
  • Do NOT re-enter the building until instructed by the Fire Brigade or a responsible officer of the School
  • You MUST obey the instructions of the Fire Wardens and Emergency Co-ordinator.
  • REMEMBER: Always sound the alarm first.