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Department of History

War Horses Conference @ SOAS

Fight for standard Turkish

Fight for standard Turkish Oil on canvas. Museum, Kraków.

Date: 3 May 2014Time: 12:00 AM

Finishes: 4 May 2014Time: All Day

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings

Type of Event: Conference

Advance notice of conference entitled "WAR HORSES OF THE WORLD"

Speaker List

  • Of mules and men: Challenging relationships in WW1
    Faith Burden [The Donkey Sanctuary]
  • Returning the pony to village conflict: Mounted 'dacoits' in the pacification campaign in Burma, 1886-1889
    Michael W. Charney [University of Tokyo and SOAS]
  • Animal power as a factor in Ottoman military decline, 1683-1918
    William G. Clarence-Smith [SOAS, University of London]
  • Horse-based warfare and the evolution of socio-political complexity
    Tom Currie [University of Exeter]
  • “Where Gasoline Can’t Go”: Equine Patriotism and the American Red Star Animal Relief Campaign during World War I
  • Janet M. Davis [University of Texas at Austin]
  • The influence of eastern blood on English cavalry horses during the course of the seventeenth century
    Peter Edwards [University of Roehampton]
  • Cavalry in civil conflict: The Mounted  Branch of London’s Metropolitan Police
    Ed Emery [SOAS]
  • The story of Comanche: Horsepower, heroism and the conquest of the American West
    Karen Jones [University of Kent ]
  • “I see them galloping!”: War, affect and performing horses in Matthew Lewis's Timour the Tartar
    Monica Mattfeld [University of Kent]
  • “Bound together by very close ties of affection:” Human-Equine Bonding in Canada’s Great War
    Andrew McEwen [University of Calgary]
  • The Politics of Reproduction: Horse Breeding and State Studs in Prussia, circa 1750-1890
    Tatsuya Mitsuda [Keio University, Japan] [t.b.c.]
  • Memories of Japanese Military Horses of World War II
    Aaron Skabelund [Brigham Young University]
  • Horses as animal property in the countryside of Anatolia during the first half of the 17th century
    Onur Usta
  • “In autumn our horses are well-fed and ready for action” – the Ch’ing Empire and its Mongolian cavalry
    Veronika Veit [University of Bonn]


We are concerned to cover the widest possible range of topics, geographical regions and historical periods.

We invite contributions in that spirit.

If you are interested to attend this conference, or to present a paper, write to us for further programme details.

Please write in the first instance to the conference organiser:

Ed Emery [SOAS] - Conference organiser

William Clarence-Smith [SOAS] - Professor of the Economic History of Asia and Africa - Conference chair