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Department of History

History Department PhD Students

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Recently Awarded PhDs

  • Shazia Ahmad A New Dispensation in Islam: the Ahmadiyya and the Law in Colonial India, 1872 to 1939 (Dr Shabnum Tejani)
  • Niki Alsford The Spirit of 1895: Two Communities, One Petition, and the Cession of Formosa to Japan (Dr Lars Laamann)
  • Marisa Candotti  Cotton Growing and Textile Production in Northern Nigeria: From Caliphate to Protectorate, c. 1804-1914 (Dr John Parker)
  • Lauren Banko The 'Invention' of Palestinian Citzenship: Discourses and Practices, 1918-1937, (Dr Nelida Fuccaro)
  • Carol Ann Boshier The Burma Research Society: A Market for Ideas in Late-Colonial Burma 1910-1935 (Dr Mandy Sadan)
  • Wai Ling Navigating Protectionism: Diederichsen, Jebsen & Company in German Qingdao and the World, 1898-1908, (Dr Andrea Janku)
  • Isaac Henry Saney From Soweto to Cuito Cuanavale: Cuba, the War in Angola and the End of Apartheid, (Dr Wayne Dooling)
  • Martyn David Smith Representing Nations in Post-War Japan: Cold War Consumption and the Mass Media 1952-1972, (Dr Christopher Gerteis)


  • Saqib Nadim Baburi Beyond the Akbar Namah: Padshah Namahs and Official Regnal Chronography for Shah-Jahan Padshah I (r.1037/1628-1068/1658), (Dr Avril Powell)
  • Upal Chakrabarti Interconnections of the Political: British Political Economy, Agrarian Governance, and Early Nineteenth-century Cuttack (1803-1850), (Prof Peter Robb)
  • Lifeng Han Carnival Politics: Festival Spectacle and Ritual in Song China 960-1279 C.E, (Dr Andrea Janku)
  • Florence Hodous Toluid Dynamics of Asia: Flexibility, legality and Identity within Toluid Institutions, (Dr George Lane)
  • Anushay Malik Narrowing Politics: The Labour Movement in Lahore 1947-1974, (Prof Peter Robb)
  • Aparajita Mukhopadhyay Wheels of Change? Impact of Railways on Colonial North Indian Society, 1855-1920, (Prof Peter Robb)
  • Maria Da Conceicao M Neto In Town and Out of Town: A Social History of Huambo (Angola) 1902-1961, (Dr John Parker)
  • Matthew George Phillips Oasis on a Troubled Continent: Culture and Identity in Cold War Thailand, (Prof Ian Brown)
  • Shahla Rahman Young Changing Women’s Lives: A Study of Government Schools for Girls in Late Colonial Bengal, (Dr Avril Powell)
  • Melania Savino Archaeology and its Representation in the Turkish Republic, 1923-1960, (Prof Ben Fortna)
  • Bianca Son-Dorschel The Making of the Zo: The Chin of Burma and the Lushai and Kuki of India through Colonial and Local Narratives, 1826-1917 and 1947-1988, (Dr Michael Charney)
  • Fabian Stremmel Changing Approaches and New Structures-German Cultural Diplomacy in Syria and Lebanon during the late Kaiserreich up to 1918', (Dr Konrad Hirschler)
  • Michael Hadley Talbot British Diplomacy in the Ottoman Empire during the Long Eighteenth Century, (Prof Ben Fortna)
  • Philipp Christian Wirtz Image of a Past World: "Deception of the late Ottoman Empire in Turkish Autobiographies, (Prof Ben Fortna)

  • Valerie Ellen Rourke Anderson The Eurasian Problem in Nineteenth Century India, (Prof Peter Robb)
  • Erich Trenton De Wald Vietnamese tourism in late-colonial central Vietnam, 1917-1945, (Prof W Clarence-Smith)
  • Jorg Matthias Determann Globalization, the Sate and Narrative Plurality: Historiography in Saudi Arabia, (Dr Konrad Hirschler)
  • António Eduardo Hawthorne Barrento On the Move: Tourist Culture in China, 1895-1949, (Dr Andrea Janku)
  • Alena Kulinich Representing "a blameworthy tafsir": Mu 'tazilite exegetical tradition in al-Jami' fi tafsir al-Qur'an of 'Ali ibn 'lsa al-Rummani (d.384/994), (Prof G Hawting)
  • Yi Li Local and Transnational Institutions in the Formation of Chinese Migrant Communities in Colonial Burma, (Dr Michael Charney)
  • Sina Machander Penang's Malays and the Shaping of Colonial Rule, 1800-1832, (Prof W Clarence-Smith)
  • Carla Tronu Montane Sacred Space in Ritual in Early Modern Japan: The Christian Community of Nagasaki (1569-1643), (Dr Angus Lockyer)
  • Taka Oshikiri Gathering for Tea in Meiji Japan, (Dr Angus Lockyer)
  • Stefano Taglia The intellectual's dilemma: the Writings of Ahmet Riza and Mehmet Sabahettin on reform and the Future of the Ottoman Empire, (Prof Ben Fortna)
  • Farah Al-Nakib Kuwait City: Urbanisation, the Built Environment and the Urban Experience Before and After Oil (1716-1986) (Dr N Fuccaro)
  • Jessica Dionne Malaria Workers in Southern Mozambique: State Employees in the Transition from Late Colonialism to Independence (Prof W Clarence-Smith)
  • Antonis Hadjikyriacou Society And Economy On An Ottoman Island: Cyprus In The Eighteenth Century (Dr B Fortna)
  • Hardip Singh Syan Peace, Love And War: The Development Of Sikh 'Militancy' In The Seventeenth Century (Dr S Kumar)
  • Hannah Alice Whittaker A Socio-Economic History of the Shifta Conflict in Kenya, c. 1963-8 (Dr R Reid)
  • Wan Faizah Bt Wan Yusoff Malay Responses To The Promotion Of Western Medicine, With Particular Reference To Women And Child Healthcare In The Federated Malay States, (Prof W Clarence-Smith)
  • Aditya Sarkar Regulated Labour, Unruly Workers: The Making Of Industrial Relations In Late Nineteenth-Century Bombay 1917-1948 (Prof Robb)
  • Aparna Kapadia Text, Power And Kingship In Medieval Gujarat, C 1398-1511 CE (Dr D Ali)
  • Apisake Monthienvichienchai Thai Nationalism And The Catholic Experience, 1909-1947 (Prof I Brown)
  • Christopher  Keepfer Roberts British Extra-Territoriality In Japan 1859-1899 (Dr A Lockyer)
  • Francesca Di Marco Discourse On Suicide Patterns In Post-War Japan (Dr A Lockyer)
  • Jocelyn Mary Chatterton Protestant Missionary Experience During The War In China, 1937-1945: The Case Of Hubei Province (Dr A Janku)
  • Michael Gould The Biafran War 1966-70: A Reappraisal With Oral Perspectives (Prof T Mccaskie)
  • Prabhu Narain Bapu Constructing Nation And History: Hindu Mahasabha In Colonial North India 1915-1928 (Prof Robb)
  • Sanjukta Ghosh Colonial State, Agricultural Knowledge Transfers And Indigenous Response: Bengal Presidency 1870-1930 (Prof Robb)
  • Sohini Dasgupta Contending Authenticities: Representations of 'Hindu Custom' in Late Nineteenth Century Colonial Bengal (Prof Robb)
  • Tara Lynn Mayer Clothing And The Imperial Image: European Dress, Identitiy And Authority In Late Eighteenth And Early Nineteenth Century North India. (Prof Robb)
  • Jonathan Saha Madness and Colonialism in British Burma
  • Tharaphi Than Writers, Fighters And Prostitutes: Women And Burma's Modernity, (Prof I Brown)
  • Wilson Kwame Yayoh Local Government In Ewedome, British Trust Territory Of Togoland (Ghana), 1920s To 1970s (Dr J Parker)
  • Abhishek Singh Amar Contextualising The Navel Of The Earth: Emergence, Sustenance And Religious Transformation Of Buddhism In The Bodhgaya Region (Circa. 300 Bce - 1200 (Dr D Ali)
  • Berhanu Tesfaye Aragaw Contested Land: Land And Tenancy Dispite In Gedeo, Southern Ethiopia (1941-1974) (Dr W Dooling)
  • Chiara Formichi Kartosuwiryo's Role In The Creation Of The Islamic State Of Indonesia (Negara Ismal Indonesia), 1927 - 1949 (Prof W Clarence-Smith)
  • Halil Ibrahim Erbay Teaching And Learning In The Madrasas Of Istanbul During The Late Ottoman (Dr B Fortna)
  • Johan Franzen The Power Of Ideas: Communism, Iraqism And Pan-Arabism In The Ideological Formation Of The Iraqi Communist Party, 1958-1979 (Dr N Fuccaro)
  • John William Harte Mackay Contesting The Past In Mandate Palestine: History Teaching For Palestinian Arabs Under The British Rule (Dr B Fortna)
  • Josiah Begole Brownell Rhodesia's War Of Numbers: Racial Populations, Political Power, And The Collapse Of The Settler State, 1960-1979 (Dr W Dooling)
  • Keiko Daidoji What A Household With The Sick Should Know? - Expressions Of Body And Illness In A Medical Text Of The Early Nineteenth Century Japan (Prof Dikotter)
  • Maureen De Silva Javanese Indentured Labour In British North Borneo, 1914 - 1932 (Prof W Clarence-Smith)
  • Natasha Pairaudeau Indians as French Citizens in Colonial Cochinchina, 1858-1940 (Prof W Clarence-Smith)
  • Shirley Louise Gonsalves Community And Identity: A Case Study Of Luso Indian Participation In The Medical Profession In Nineteenth Century Bombay (Prof Tomlinson)
  • Vivian Ibrahim Modernisation, Community And State: Coptic Mobilisation In Egypt, 1882-1954 (Dr N Fuccaro)
  • Vu Hong Lien Warder Mongol Invasions In Southeast Asia And Their Impact On Relations Between Dainiet And Champa (1226-1326) (Prof W Clarence-Smith)
  • Arianna Lissoni The South African Liberation Movements In Exile, Ca. 1950-1970 (Dr W Dooling)
  • Daniel Andrzej Vazquez-Paluch The Establishment Of The Maliki School In Muslim Spain (Prof Hawting)
  • Elke Elisabeth Tying And Untying The Knot: Kadhi's Courts And The Negotiation Of Social Status In Zanzibar Town, 1900-1963 (Dr Miran)
  • Ezra Rashkow The Nature Of Endangerment: Histories Of Hunting, Wildlife, And Forest Socities In Western And Central India, 1857-1947 (Prof Robb)
  • Hung Bin Hsu From Smokers To Addicts: A History Of Opium And Its Users In Taiwan (Prof Dikotter)
  • Michael Dawson Leigh Methodist Missionaries, Society And Politics In Upper Burma 1887-1966 (Prof I Brown)
  • Roberto Mazza Jerusalem In The First World War: Transitions From Ottoman To British Rule (Dr N Fuccaro)
  • Sebastian Prange Raphael The Social And Economic Organization Of Muslim Tradingn Groups On The Malabar Coast, Twelfth To Sixteenth Century. (Dr D Ali)
  • Syed Muhd Aljunied Khairudin The Aftermath Of The Maria Hertora Riots In Colonial Singapore (1950-1953) (Prof W Clarence-Smith)
  • Ama Barbara Biney The Intellectual Thought Of Kwame Nkrumah (Dr J Parker)
  • Enrique Sang Okenve-Martinez Equatorial Guinea 1927-1979: A New African Tradition (Dr J Parker)
  • Gurdofarid Miskinzoda On The Margins Of Sira: Mughuitai (689-762 / 1290-1361) And His Place In The Development Of Sira Litrature. (Prof Hawting)
  • James Alastair Warren Gambling, The State And Society In Siam, C. 1880-1945 (Prof I Brown)
  • Jonathan Mamu Ayuba Social And Economic Change In Colonial North-Central Nigeria: The History Of Akwanga Division, 1911-11960 (Dr J Parker)
  • Valentina Boretti Playing For Keeps: The Toy Culture In China, 1895-1949 (Prof Dikotter)
  • Talat Ahmed Literature And Politics In The Age Of Nationalism: The Progressive Writers' Movement In South Asia, 1932-1956 (Dr J Powell)
  • Thet Thet Wintin The Prison In Pre-Colonial Burma (Prof I Brown)
  • Thomas Edward Cadogan Students And Schools In The Southern Highlands: Education In Tanzania, 1890s To The Present (Dr J Parker)
  • Zohar Shani Allouche "Between The Pure Milk And The Froth": Images Of The Devil In The Muslim Tradition (Hadith) (Prof Hawting)
Louis Allday
Louis Allday

Cultural Propaganda in Britain’s Informal Empire: The British Council in the Persian Gulf c. 1939 - 1971.

Thanyarat Apiwong
Staff Silhouette

The Burmese Migration into Thailand in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Christopher D. Bahl
Staff Silhouette

The Transmission of Islamicate texts across the Western Indian Ocean, 1400-1700

David Beamish
Staff Silhouette

Ottoman and North African Émigré Intellectuals in Paris, 1890-1914

Maung Bo Bo
Staff Silhouette

The Burmese Military and the Press in U Nu's Burma

Thomas Richard Bruce
Thomas Bruce

The Cultural Transformation of Siam in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Cihan Celik
Staff Silhouette

The Nature of the Turkish Autoritarianism, 1930-1945

Emily Barrass Chapman
Staff Silhouette

Gender and family in postwar Japan

David Bannister
David Bannister

Disease control and its changing contexts in northern Ghana, 1900-2000

Fadi Dawood
Staff Silhouette

Makings of a Warrior Race in Iraq: The Case of the Assyrians

Etana Dinka
Etana Dinka

Resistance and Integration in the Ethiopian Empire: the case of Macca Oromo of Qellem (1880s-1974)

Erin A. Freas-Smith
Staff Silhouette

Domestic Work in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, A Focus on Durban and Ixopo From 1920-1960

Francesca Fuoli
Francesca Fuoli

Changing state-society relations in late nineteenth century Afghanistan: state-building and group identities reconsidered through the categories of British colonial knowledge

Shantelle George
Shantelle George

‘Religion, Identity Formation, and Memory among Liberated Africans and their Descendants in Grenada, 1836 – present’

Philip Gooding
Philip Gooding

Lake Tanganyika: Commercial Frontier in the Era of Long-Distance Commerce, East and Central Africa, c.1830-1890

Jacques Rouyer Guillet
Jacques Rouyer Guillet

The Evolution of Consumer Culture in the Families of Jaffa between 1920 and 1967

Senem Gökel
Senem Gokel

Leprosy in Cyprus during the late Ottoman and British periods

Wonwoong Jeong
Wonwoong Jeong

The Dissolution of a Cold War Allignment: Korean-Japanese Relations, 1969-1979

Maria Kekki
Staff Silhouette

"Ethnicity and social identification in 14th-18th central mainland Southeast Asia"

Kwok Fai Law
Kwok Fai LAW

Negotiating Colonialism: British enterprises and the making of working class culture in Shanghai, 1927-1949 [working title]

Sarah S.Y. Lee
Sarah Lee

"A Historical Study of Female Filipino Domestic Workers in Hong Kong: 1970-2000".

Lin Jiao
Lin Jiao

Breast-binding and Natural breast in China from 1910s to 1970s

Daisy Livingston
Staff Silhouette

Archival practices in the medieval Arabic lands. Documents and archives at the centre and periphery in Egypt and Syria: institutional, communal, and private practices in a diverse literate society.

Naina Manjrekar
Staff Silhouette

Discontent and Decolonisation after World War II: The Case of the Royal Indian Navy Mutiny

Shane Marotta
Staff Silhouette

Berbera, 1840--1920: The history of a Somali port in the Gulf of Aden

Ronnie McCrum
Staff Silhouette

The Japanese Invasions of Malaya and Burma in 1941-1942

Geoffrey Pakiam
Geoffrey Kevin Pakiam

Smallholder Involvement in Tree Crops, with Special Reference to Oil and Coconut Palms in Johor, c. 1929-1962

Nada Saliba
Staff Silhouette

The Urban History of Tripoli (Lebanon) During the French Mandate, 1920 - 1943.

Brandi Simpson Miller
Brandi Simpson Miller

A Social History of Food and Cooking in Ghana in the 19th Century

Michiko Suzuki
Michiko Suzuki

History of Disaster, Recovery, and Humanitarianism in Wartime Japan, 1931-1945

Cyrus K.Y. Yee
Cyrus Yee

China's New Administration in the Inner Asian Frontiers in the Late Qing Period, 1901-1911

Caner Yelbasi

From the Empire to the Nation State; Circassians in Turkey (1908-1938)

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