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ELAS Application

If you plan to apply for further studies after the ELAS course, you should also send us a copy of your school or university transcript and a letter of recommendation. We would also like to see a copy of any English language test score . e.g. IELTS or TOEFL. These documents should be sent to: The Head of Department, International Foundation Courses and English Language Studies, SOAS (University of London), 24 Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG. Tel: 020 7898 4800. Fax: 020 7898 4809. e-mail: ifcels@soas.ac.uk

Application for admission to the course commencing:
Personal Details (please write your name EXACTLY as it appears on your passport.)
Permanent Address
Correspondence Address (if different from above)

Give dates when this address should be used

Educational Background (from age 15)
Work Experience
English Studies
English Lived
English Language Examinations
What is your opinion of your English?
  Very Good Good Average Weak Very Weak
Further Courses
Other Details
Are you disabled

If yes, please check the box that best describes your status with respect to any disability and/or health condition expected to last 12 months or longer.

Specify disability
Purpose of Study

I certify that the statements made by me on this form are correct.

Data Protection Act 1998: I agree to SOAS processing personal data contained on this form, or other data which SOAS may obtain from me or other people or organizations while I am applying for admission. I agree to the processing of such data for any purpose connected with my studies, or my health and safety while on SOAS premises or for any legitimate purpose.

The data collected about you will be processed by SOAS staff only and will not be disclosed to third parties except for the purposes of reference writing.

If you want to submit a Data Protection request, please contact the Head of the Course.