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International Foundation Courses and English Language Studies

Pre-sessional Course FAQs

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, please look at the following ‘frequently asked questions’

1. Why have I been asked to do this course as a condition of my entry to my degree course?
Because your IELTS/TOEFL score is not high enough to enter directly

2. I haven't got time to do the 8 week course. Can I take the shorter course?
No. The English language assessments for each pre-sessional course are different for each course.

3. Will I automatically gain entrance to my SOAS course if I take this pre sessional course?
No. You have to complete the minimum attendance requirement and pass the final writing and oral presentation tasks to pass the pre-sessional. However, most students do achieve this.

4. If my level is below the pass standard will I be told during the course?
Yes. You will have ongoing feedback and advice from your teacher.

5. When will I get a CAS sent to me?
Once we have sent you an offer of a place, you need to send back the acceptance form and full payment. Then you will be issued a CAS to enable you to apply for a visa.

6. Can I start the course after the published start date? Only in exceptional circumstances, and in no case later than any final date set by the Head of Programme in these circumstances.

7. What if I can't get a visa in time? We do not accept a student arriving late due to visa delays unless there are last minute unforeseen problems. Late application for a visa is not an accepted reason. It is your responsibility to ensure there is enough time for you to get a visa before the course start date. You will not be able to take up your place if your arrival date means you will have less than 80% attendance. It is your responsibility to allow enough time for your visa application to be processed

8. Will I get a certificate at the end of my course?
Yes. You will get a certificate of attendance.

9. Will I get a single CAS for my presessional course and my degree course? No.This is no longer possible if you have a conditional requirement to take and pass the Pre sessional course first. We will issue you with a CAS for your Pre sessional course. You will then be able to extend this in the UK for your degree course. Click here to see the 'extending your visa' information. We will assist you in this. 

10. If I finish my course on 20th September, how can I enrol on my degree course the following week?
For those of you attending the courses which end on September 20th , you will also be able to extend your visa and start your degree course registration the following week. All we will need is confirmation that you have passed your presessional and that your application to extend has been posted.

11. Will I be in a class with mainly students of my nationality?
No. At SOAS we have a wide mix of nationalities in our classes.

12. What if I fail the pre-sessional course? You will have to defer for one year if you do not have a TOEFL/IELTS score high enough to allow for direct entry

If you require any further information please contact presessional@soas.ac.uk