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Directors of SOAS

Disclosure date: 20 February 2012

Reference: FOI2012/017 Disclosure - SOAS


Name, surname and email address of:

1) The Director of HR
2) The Deputy Director of HR
3) The Head of IT
4) The IT Manager
5) The Helpdesk Manager
6) The Head of Communications / Marketing
7) The Head of Procurement


1) Peter Mitchell, pm30@soas.ac.uk
2) Not applicable.
3) Director of Library and Information Services: John Robinson, j.robinson@soas.ac.uk
4) Assistant Director of Information Systems, Martin Whiteside, mw52@soas.ac.uk
5) Joint Managers of IT and Media Services: Michael D A Baptista, mb3@soas.ac.uk; Joseph Yau, jy@soas.ac.uk.
6) Director of External Relations & Development: Fiona McWilliams, f.mcwilliams@soas.ac.uk; Head of Marketing: Michael Sherry, m.sherry@soas.ac.uk
7) Purchasing Manager: Simon Button, sb131@soas.ac.uk