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Records Management

Records management is designed to ensure that an organisation creates, structures and maintains its records in ways which support business efficiency, legal requirements and the rights of individuals. This section contains information about the implementation of a records management programme at SOAS.

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Records Management Policy  - states SOAS's commitment to effective records management, and provides a framework through which effective records management can be implemented.

Records Retention - the School's policies on retention of records.

Storing records at the School's Off-site Records Store - guidance to staff on how to deposit records that have to be retained but are not regularly accessed.

Staff Guide: Records Management - guidance on how to manage records to support effective administration and compliance with legal requirements.

Bloomsbury Colleges Records Management Group - information about the Group, which aims to promote collaboration in the areas of records management, Freedom of Information and Data Protection among the six Bloomsbury Colleges (including SOAS).