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Records Management: Retention Schedules

An essential part of good records management is ensuring that records are only retained for as long as they have value. This is determined by a number of factors including business needs, legal requirements, risk management, and historical or cultural value.

A retention schedule has been developed which focuses on the major series of the School's records: those which SOAS generates in large quantities, particularly in paper format. The schedule is based on existing retention practices, discussions with departments, and the recommendations in the model retention schedule for HE institutions developed by the JISC.

As part of the current records management project information surveys are being undertaken across the School to gather more information about the records kept. As a result of the findings of the surveys the retention schedule will be updated at significant stages.

The schedule was last approved by the Executive Board in May 2015. Any minor revisions will be approved by the Deputy Secretary.

For more guidance on how to use and search the retention schedule please see the Retention Schedule Guidelines

Advice on the retention schedule and records management more generally is available from the Corporate Records Manager and Archivist (email to ap68@soas.ac.uk).

Last updated: May 2015