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Connecting to wifi and printing using your personal equipment at SOAS

We are keen to enable you (students, staff and visitors) at SOAS to access the resources that are available, such as Internet connectivity and the printing facilities, using your own personal equipment.  It helps you to be more flexible in how and where you work and helps us to reduce contention on the public computing facilities. However, we do not guarantee that your equipment will be able to use all these resources. There are so many different types of personal computing equipment that it is impossible to to cover all options.

The instructions on these pages are designed to cover the most common devices. Please try to work you way through these instructions before asking for help. The LIS Service Desk will make best efforts to assist but in the case of unusual equipment, or at busy times, it may not always be possible to get you connected first time.

Wifi instructions

We maintain an 802.1X based 'eduroam' enabled network for wired and wireless connectivity. This network is usable by both staff and students of SOAS and also the international academic community. Once you are configured to connect to 'eduroam' you should be able to connect internationally to any other 'eduroam' enabled organisation you visit.

SOAS staff and students

Generally, to connect to eduroam for the first time, use SOAS-setup network. If you do not connect to this network immediately, you may need to follow additional steps depending on your device. We have put together a number of pages for a number of operating systems and devices that contain details on how to use the resources available on your system (see also downloads in Related Information):

If you do not find your system in the list above then you should want to consult our Generic Information page and see if you can work out what needs doing yourself (if you do, then please email us itservicedesk@soas.ac.uk).

N.B. If you have trouble connecting to 'eduroam', even when you are attempting to use the 'eduroam' at another institution, you should still contact the IT Service Desk in the first instance.


If your device is already configured to connect to 'eduroam' it should connect our network automatically. If you have never configured your device for 'eduroam' or experience any problems connecting please contact the IT support desk at your home university for assistance. You would need to have set-up your device for 'eduroam' at your home university before attempting to use 'eduroam' at SOAS.

To check if your university is a member of 'eduroam' visit the 'eduroam' website.

In addition BTOpenzone is available for visitors for a fee.


We have recently introduced a new distributed printing and photocopying service using "multi-function devices" (MFDs) which support "pull" printing, scanning to e-mail and photocopying. The instructions for the use of these machines are in our Media & Printing Services pages.

Conditions of Use

To use the service, you must accept and abide by the following policies:

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