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SOAS Director praises students for creating valuable language resource

Professor Paul Webley, Director of SOAS, University of London praises SOAS postgraduate students for their interactive website Language Landscape documenting and celebrating language diversity.

10th April 2014

Dr Joan Maw, scholar of Swahili languages pic Dr Joan Maw, scholar of Swahili languages

Dr Joan Maw, former lecturer in Swahili at SOAS, University of London has sadly passed away, aged 87.

3rd April 2014

SOAS scholar consults on Chinese Imperial porcelain for Japan broadcaster's flagship documentary

Dr Stacey Pierson, Senior Lecturer in Chinese Ceramics at SOAS, University of London, consulted on Chinese Imperial porcelain for  a documentary on the National Palace Museum of Taiwan by Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK.

2nd April 2014

Student-led initiative promoting multilingualism to launch official website

Postgraduate students from SOAS, University of London, are set to launch Language Landscape, www.languagelandscape.org, an interactive website to document and celebrate language diversity, at an event later this month.

18th March 2014

SOAS students win top prizes at Japanese Speech Contest

SOAS students performed superbly at The 9th Japanese Speech Contest for University Students, securing first and third prize in the Speech Category, earlier this month.

13th March 2014

SOAS to spark interest in languages among school pupils this week

In an initiative to widen participation and spark an interest in language learning, SOAS, University of London has organised the Illuminations Festival dedicated to secondary school pupils from years seven to 10.

26th February 2014

World music and dance at third Interfaith Music Festival at SOAS

SOAS, University of London students bring world music and dance from groups with Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim backgrounds to London at the third Interfaith Music Festival next week.

21st February 2014

 Japan Forum Editorial Team SOAS scholars receive editorship of prestigious Japan Forum journal

Four SOAS, University of London scholars from the Japan Research Centre (JRC) will join the editorship of Japan Forum, the official journal for the British Association for Japanese Studies (BAJS).

30th January 2014

Asian and Middle Eastern languages in British Council’s top 10 for UK prosperity

The Languages for the Future report, published by the British Council, has identified Arabic, Mandarin, Turkish and Japanese in the top 10 languages most vital to the UK over the next 20 years.

9th January 2014

SOAS in major initiatives to document and support endangered languages

SOAS, University of London is helping to lead the way in documenting and supporting global linguistic diversity as it joins a series of international workshops and training courses on language documentation and revitalisation in 2014.

18th December 2013

SOAS historians advise latest Universal Pictures feature film

SOAS Japan Research Centre historians Dr Christopher Gerteis and Dr Stephen Turnbull served as historical advisers for the production of Universal Pictures’ latest feature film starring Keanu Reeves, Sanada Hiroyuki and Shibasaki Kō.

4th December 2013

SOAS English programme challenges conventional approach to study of language and literature

SOAS, University of London has introduced a new BA English degree that studies the English language and its literatures from a global perspective. The course draws on SOAS’ unparalleled concentration of expertise in Asian, African and Middle Eastern languages and literatures.

7th November 2013

SOAS students SOAS ranked in London top four and sixth in UK for academic reputation

SOAS is one of the top four universities in London, sixth in the UK for academic reputation and one of the most cosmopolitan universities in the world according to two recent league tables

26th September 2013

SOAS scholar's exhibition on Japanese erotic art to open at British Museum

Professor Andrew Gerstle, Head of Department of Japan and Korea at SOAS, University of London, along with Leverhulme Research Fellow Dr Akiko Yano, has co-curated the most comprehensive exhibition to date on Japanese traditional erotic art and literature, known as shunga in Japanese. 

12th September 2013

SOAS scholar argues property can function as a tool of governance

Property is productive of temporal and spatial order and so can function as a tool of governance, according to Dr Sarah Keenan, a lecturer in Law at the SOAS, University of London.

9th August 2013

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