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International Students

Japan and Korea Exchange: How to Apply

In order to apply for the Japan and Korea Exchange programme, your home university must have an existing student exchange agreement with SOAS. Check with your home university's International Office. 

The academic year at SOAS runs from September to June, and is made up of three terms. The first two terms are approximately 11 weeks long and typically the main teaching terms, whilst Term 3 is the examination period with little formal teaching. One week in each term is designated as a reading week, when no formal teaching takes place.
Exchange students have a choice of three study periods:

  • Full academic year (September to June)
  • Term 1 (September to December)
  • Terms 2&3 (January to June)
Application Deadlines

The SOAS application deadlines are as follows:
Full year / Term 1: 30 June
Terms 2& 3: 30 October
Early application is advisable. Your International Office at your home institution will also have their own schedule and application process for the selection of students to go on overseas programmes, so it is important you seek advice as early as possible.