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International Students

Course Listings for Study Abroad/Exchange Students

All Study Abroad and Exchange students can choose from hundreds of courses across all  departments within the School. However, please note that Study Abroad/Exchange students are not eligible for the Language Entitlement Program as this is for degree-seeking students only

When looking at available courses, bear the following in mind:

  • An offer of a place is based on your suitability for the programme, rather than for the individual courses. The courses you indicate on your application form are not guaranteed. Final course confirmation takes place during the first week of term.
  • If your home institution requires you to study specific courses, you must contact the study abroad office in advance so that we can confirm that the course is running and gain prior approval for you.
Course Listings

You can view a list of the courses available to Study Abroad/Exchange students using the links on the right of this page.

Students who are currently studying for a postgraduate degree and have completed an undergraduate degree can browse the postgraduate course lists and combine these with undergraduate courses if they choose. Undergraduate students should only search through the undergraduate lists.

The course availability will vary from year to year. 

Understanding the Course Lists 

This is the department in which the course is offered. Associate students are not restricted to one department or faculty when choosing classes - they can combine courses from across different departments.

Course Code

This is the individual code number allocated to each course. This should be included on your application form.


It is important to note that some courses may require students to have previously undertaken study in relevant areas. Please check the pre-requisites which you will find in the course description. You will be expected to have taken a similar course to the pre-requisite at your home institution. 

Credit Value

Undergraduate students studying at SOAS for the full academic year are expected to take 4 units, which is a full course load in the UK. Students studying at SOAS for just term 1 or just terms 2&3 are expected to take 4 courses and do not need to be concerned about the unit value.

Postgraduate courses are more intense and so either 3 units over the year or 3 courses in a semester is a more appropriate course load.

  • If a course is taught in term 1 or in term 2, then it is a half unit. 
  • If a course runs across the full year, then it is a full unit.