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Japan Research Centre

Recipients of the Meiji Jingu Japanese Studies Research Grants for SOAS Staff

The following staff members have been awarded the Meiji Jingu Japanese Studies Research Grants for SOAS Staff.

Helen Macnaughtan

Project Title: Diversity Management in Japanese companies: constraints, challenges, solutions 
Amount: £1,020

Stephen Dodd  

Project Title: The Translation of Same-Sex Desire in Natsume Sôseki’s Kokoro  
Amount: £567

Lucia Dolce 

Project Title: Spirit Possession: Exploring Power, Personhood, Body and Agency across Asian Societies  
Amount: £500

Helen Macnaughtan

Project Title: The “Witches of the Orient” and Japanese sporting history  
Amount: £566

Kristin Surak 

Project Title: Making Tea, Making Japan: Cultural Nationalism in Practice Author Meets Critics Session 
Amount: £567


Noriko Iwasaki
Project Title: Talking and gesturing about motion events in Japanese
Amount: £100

Helen Macnaughtan
Project Title: Japanese Households and Everyday Consumption: focus on household electric appliances
Amount: £100

Lucia Dolce with Meri Arichi
Project Title: Sengu: Renewal of the Ise Shrine in 2013
Amount: £2,000


Dr Steve DODD 
Project Title: Architecture of a City: Itô Sei’s Streets of Fiendish Ghosts
Amount: £1,000

Dr Christopher GERTEIS  
Project Title: Manufacturing Memories: The Intersection of Fiduciary Duty and Social Responsibility in Contemporary Japan
Amount: £1,000

Project Title: Images of Japan: Japanese learners’ images of Japanese society, people and language before and after studying abroad in Japan
Amount: £300

2011 Hardship Fund

Ms Minori SUZUKI
Project Title: The acceptance of Gagaku in Germany
Amount: £1,000


Dr Lucia DOLCE
Project Title: Contemporary Religious Art in China and Japan
Time Frame: 26 June 2011 - 7 July 2011 (short fieldwork trip to China)
Amount: £1,200

Professor Peter SELLS, Dr Noriko IWASAKI and Dr Mika KIZU

Project Title: Expressive Words in Japanese: A Linguistic Perspective on Grammatical Creativity
Time Frame: September 2010
Amount: £800

Professor Timon SCREECH

Project Title: Catalogue Database of the British Museum’s Holdings of Edo-Period Japanese Buddhist Art
Time Frame: August 2010 – January 2011
Amount: £1,400

Dr Christopher GERTEIS

Project Title: Revisiting Postwar Japan: An Edited Book Conference
Time Frame: July 2009 - July 2010
Amount: £1,680

Dr Lucia DOLCE

Project Title: Contemporary forms of Shinto-Buddhist associative rituals
Time Frame: September 2008 - March 2009
Amount: £1,000


Project Title: Rethinking the Thirties: Japan and Beyond
Time Frame: Spring 2009
Amount: £1,200