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Japan Forum is the official journal of the British Association for Japanese Studies. Its primary objective is to publish original research in the field of Japanese Studies, making available scholarship on Japan to an international readership of specialists and non-specialists. From 1996 Japan Forum has been published by Taylor and Francis, a major publisher in the area of Japanese Studies.

Japan Forum is multidisciplinary, publishing contributions from across the arts and humanities and social sciences. Articles range from archaeology, language, literature, philosophy and culture to history, economics, politics, international relations and law. Submissions from younger researchers as well as from established scholars are welcome, as are submissions that cross disciplinary boundaries or do not otherwise match the subject areas listed above. All submissions are independently refereed.

Latest Edition

Beyond Fukushima: Special Issue now online

Volume 26, Issue 3, 2014

Now available online, ‘Beyond Fukushima: Culture, Media, and Meaning from Catastrophe’ is the Japan Forum journal’s collection of post-3/11 texts, fundamentally concerned with the documentation of those who were affected by the event in films, stories, and media reports. This special issue includes free access to Jonathan E. Abel’s ‘Introduction: the measures of waves’, a fantastic entry point that segues into a range of articles and reviews concerning catastrophe, collective trauma, and the many cultural and societal conflicts that arise from both man-made and natural disasters in Japan.

With six articles and four book reviews included, this is a critical edition for any scholar from the field of Asian Studies, Media Studies, or for those with specific interests in the Fukushima aftermath.

Japan Forum Editorial Team

 Japan Forum Editorial Team

Japan Forum Editorial Team (from left: Griseldis, Helen, Christopher, Emily and Steve)

Four SOAS faculty members (Steve Dodd, Christopher Gerteis, Helen Macnaughtan and Griseldis Kirsch) took on the editorship of the highly prestigious journal Japan Forum for a three year period from September 2014 to September 2017.  Emily Chapman joined the team as Managing Editor.

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