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Faculty of Languages and Cultures

Language Entitlement Programme - Free Language Classes

SOAS would like all of its undergraduate students to possess at least a basic working knowledge of one of the languages of Africa, Asia or the Middle East by the time they graduate. With the Language Entitlement Programme (LEP), if you are a SOAS undergraduate or postgraduate student, regardless of your department or degree registration, you are entitled to register for one language course during your time with us for free, and we hope that you will take up this opportunity.  

You do not need to have any prior qualification in or experience of language study to take a language course as part of the LEP. Enrolment for the 1-unit LEP courses in the regional departments of the Languages and Cultures Faculty take place in Welcome Week, with classes running throughout the academic year. 

Free Language Courses starting January 2015 – Enrolment Open Now

Enrolment for a Term 2 beginner’s course in the SOAS Language Centre is open from Welcome Week till the end of November, with classes running for 10 weeks in Term 2. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are entitled to take a free course at the Language Centre. The Language Centre course will not count towards your degree credits or classification but you may request a certificate of attendance.

Enrolment Procedure

To apply for a free Language Centre course in Term 2, you need to submit the completed application form, signed by your Personal Advisor or Course Tutor, to the Faculty Office in Room 351 by Friday November 28th at the latest. Do not bring your form to the Language Centre. Late applications cannot be considered. The form is available from the Faculty Office (Room 351), from the Language Centre (22 Russell Square) and is also downloadable.

Please note that:

  • A £50 refundable deposit is required to book a place and this is returned when the student has satisfied the 80% attendance requirement
  • We cannot guarantee that you will be able to get onto your chosen course because the demand for certain languages is very high. Availability of places on each course is limited, and places will be allocated on a ‘first come’ basis
  • You are entitled to take any post-beginner level course in the Language Centre at any time with a 25% discount
  • You may take more than one course in the Language Centre, paying for the additional course at the discounted (25% off) price
  • Please check out the Language Centre webpages for further information on our wide range of language courses: