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School of Law

Economic Sociology of Law Reading Group

This is an informal gathering of faculty and students from across disciplines and institutions who are interested in the idea of economic sociology of law. One offshoot of the reading group has been an invitational workshop entitled  'Towards an Economic Sociology of Law', held at SOAS in September 2012.

To see previous events in this series, including topics and readings, please follow the link below.

For further information about the reading group, including requests to join, please contact the current organisers:

 Diamond Ashiagbor and Sarah Keenan.

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Forthcoming Events

Economy and culture & Revisiting economic sociology

Viviana A. Zelizer, Economic Lives: How Culture Shapes the Economy, Princeton University Press, 2010

4 December 2014, Russell Square: College Buildings, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM