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School of Law

Graduate Destinations

How does a degree in Law help with my career?

The Law department at SOAS provides students a thorough, specialist knowledge of comparative law, human rights, environmental law and international law.  Students also develop a range of skills valued by many employers including: critical judgment skills; problem-solving skills; the ability to formulate sound arguments; and the ability to interpret and explain complex information clearly.  

SOAS Law graduates have gone on to pursue careers directly related to law, or used their skills and expertise to get take up professional and management careers in both the private and public sectors.  The Law degree programmes have also enabled graduates to continue in the field of research either at SOAS or other institutions  

Destinations of recent graduates from this department immediately after graduation include:

  • Solicitors
  • Barristers and judges
  • Legal associate professionals
  • Business and financial project management professionals
  • Higher education teaching professionals
  • Public services associate professionals
  • Management consultants and business analysts
  • Journalists, newspaper and periodical editors
  • Senior professionals of educational establishments
  • Public relations professionals
  • Quality assurance and regulatory professionals
  • Officers of non-governmental organisations
  • Finance and investment analysts and advisers
  • University researchers, unspecified discipline
  • Conservation professionals
  • Exhibition, multimedia designers
  • Human resource managers and directors
  • Advertising and public relations directors
  • Arts officers, producers and directors
  • Chartered company secretaries, treasurers, company registrars
  • Managers and proprietors in other services
  • National government administrative occupations
  • Research and development managers

DLHE Statistics

The chart above shows that SOAS Law graduates are very employable. Graduate Destination Surveys from 2011-2012 show that the majority of graduates who could be surveyed are either in work, further study, work and study or volunteering.

Further information about DLHE is available on the Careers Service website.

What do Graduates do?

Job Profiles

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