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School of Law

PhD Student Information Guide

Welcome to the SOAS School of Law!

General Information

Most of the  information you may need, is available at Research at SOAS and on the Doctoral School Section web pages. These should be your first point of reference


Postgraduate Tutor (Research)

Professor Philippe Cullet

Postgraduate Research Training Seminar Convenor

Dr Samia Bano

School of Law Postgraduate Research Student Seminar Series Convenor

Dr Brenna Bhandar

Faculty Office

Room R201: The contact person for postgraduate students is Christine Djumpah.

Research Faciliites

  • R301 on the third floor of the ‘research block’ is available for research students, with computers, printing facilities, desk space and lockers. Your ID will be automatically activated for this room.
  • Besides, there is a Doctoral School at 53 Gordon Square which is a space entirely devoted to PhD students at SOAS.  

Financial Support for SOAS School of Law Students

Financial Support For Hardship

Thanks to the generosity of Professor William Ballantyne, the School of Law has funds available for the support of students in serious financial difficulties.
The amounts available are, of course, limited, and in the present environment there are not many students who do not feel the need for a little extra. Therefore monies from the Fund are only disbursed to those who are in really pressing need and who cannot finance their degree in other ways, such as working part-time, obtaining grants, and so on.

In other words, the fund is a last resort for students who are truly in great need. It is important that this scarce resource not be wasted; therefore disbursements will only be made to diligent students who are considered likely to benefit from it. Given the wide variety of problems which arise it is not possible, nor is it desirable, to lay down any more detailed criteria than these.

Applications should be made to the Research Tutor, Philippe Cullet in the form of an email outlining why you are applying for the funds, what you'd like to use the funds for, and how much you would like to apply for. Your supervisor will also be asked to write a statement making a recommendation on the application. The application will then be considered by a panel within the School of Law and you may be asked in for an interview before a decision is made.

SOAS Awards for Fieldwork

51 fieldwork awards of up to £779 each are available to provide financial support for SOAS postgraduate research students undertaking approved PhD fieldwork abroad.  Fieldwork awards are not renewable.
Competition for these awards is very intense and candidates and referees are encouraged to be as precise as possible in making their case for support.
The awards do not cover conference attendance. Please note that the awards are administered by the Scholarships Office, Registry, SOAS (and not by the School of Law). Email: scholarships@soas.ac.uk.

Application Deadlines

31 October 2013 – for students leaving for fieldwork from 1 January 2014 to 31 June 2014 inclusive.
18 April 2014 – for students leaving for fieldwork from 1 July 2014 to 31 December 2014 inclusive.