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School of Law

Taught Masters MA

SOAS Law School offers ten different MA programmes in the field of international and comparative legal studies.  Nine of these programmes are specialist programmes centred upon clusters of expertise and research interests within the Law School and the tenth programme (the MA in International and Comparative Legal Studies) is for those who want to study a variety of different subjects which do not fall within the scope of any one particular specialist programme.

The MA programmes are designed primarily for those wishing to study law at a post-graduate level but who do not already possess an undergraduate law degree.  A core component of the MA programmes is a pre-sessional course in Law and Legal Method which runs for two weeks prior to the beginning of each Autumn term.  The MA programmes are open to study on a part-time basis either over a two year period or over three years.

The basic structure of each of the MA programmes is identical.  Whichever programme they register for students will be required (in addition to attendance on the pre-sessional course above) to take three full courses and undertake a 10,000 word dissertation.

Please note that all MA students need to take a two week Preliminary Law, legal reasoning and legal methods course before the teaching term begins.