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School of Law

Submission of Coursework: Guidelines for Undergraduate Law Students

All SOAS Undergraduate Law Students submit their coursework electronically as well as anonymously. Online submission allows you to submit your coursework from anywhere with an internet connection with no need to print or physically submit your essays. Additionally, you will be able to receive your marks and feedback using Moodle.

Please read our Coursework Submission Guidelines carefully to find out how online submission works.


This link directs you to our Coursework Submission Guidelines and explains the entire submission process, in particular:

What do I Upload? Writing and Preparing Your Coursework for Upload and Anonymous Marking

How do I Upload My Coursework? Taking Note of Your Digital Submission Receipt?

What if Things Go Wrong? Technical Support and an Emergency Procedure for eMail Submission

Reminder about Assessment Guidelines, Late Submission of Coursework, Word Count and Penalty Scale for Over-Length Coursework, Plagiarism