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Forms for Students

Forms such as Reasons for Non-attendance and Reasons for Late Submission of Coursework can be found on the individual Department Student Information Points on the Moodle/BLE pages. Please follow links below:

 Below are links to other useful forms you may need during your studies: 

Changing / Confirming Course Choices

Course Change and / or Course Confirmation Form

This form may be used when making an application to change courses, or when asked to confirm courses.

Auditing Approval Form

Auditing Approval Form

Postgraduate students are permitted to audit courses, whereby they can attend lectures and gain access to all online materials, but do not attend tutorials not submit coursework.

Postgraduate students wishing to audit a course should complete the above form and have it signed by the relevant course convenor, and then submit it to the Faculty Office for approval.

Degree Transfer; Repeating a Course/Year; Withdrawal

Degree Transfer Application Form (continuing students)

To be used when making an application to transfer from one Degree / Programme of Study to another.

Repeat Year (Full-Time)

To be used by Full-Time UG and PGT students wishing to repeat a year of study.

Repeat Course (Part-Time)

To be used by Part-Time UG and PGT students wishing to repeat a course.


To be used by students wishing to withdraw from their Programme of Study. Students considering this are strongly advised to contact their Student Support Officer for guidance. 

Late Submission of Dissertation Form

Late Submission of Dissertation form

To be used by students who are submitting the Dissertation past the deadline due to mitigating reasons. All forms must be completed and accompanied by official evidence, and submitted to the Faculty Office by Friday 2nd October 2015.

Intercollegiate Students

Intercollegiate Application Form

This form is to be used by SOAS students when applying to take a non-SOAS course from another University of London School.

General Student Forms

Request for Letter of Certification of Student Status

For further information, please see the Registry: Online Forms page.

Change of Address Forms

Used to inform the School of any changes to Address / Personal Details.

Transcript Request Form

To be used to obtain a detailed record of courses taken and marks received.