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Internal Research Fund Allocations for staff

Annual Individual Research Grant 2013/14

The Faculty of Law & Social Sciences has a specific amount of funding to help staff to meet research expenses for the coming academic year. This grant is available to all research active staff in the faculty on a pro-rata basis including research-only staff. Please note that internal research grants are not available to those on teaching-only contracts. Staff will automatically be awarded their individual allocation, eligible expenses include:

  • conference attendance to present a paper or act as a discussant;
  • costs incurred in preparing a manuscript for publication;
  • travel and subsistence expenses for a personal research project, including informant expenses;
    the organisation of workshops 
  • Hiring of research assistants

 Please see the FAQs for further details of what expenses are eligible.

Part-time staff and early career researchers

This year sees the introduction of an early career research allocation (i.e. staff on full probation of 3 years) of £1500 and for part-time academic staff to receive a minimum of 0.75 of the maximum allocation for which they quality.  

How to claim research expenses
Research form

In an important change to previous years, staff are now requested to submit all claims on a termly basis in which the expense was incurred. To claim your research expenses please complete the SOAS staff expenses form and submit this with supporting receipts to your Departmental Academic Support Officer in room R201. Please note that all claims must adhere to the SOAS Expenses policy, staff are expected to familiarise themselves with this policy on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately the faculty office can no longer make photocopies of individual claims, staff are expected to keep a copy of their expenses for reference. The final deadline for all research expense claims to be submitted this academic year is Friday 18th July 2014.

Research Assistant claims

Staff wishing to employ research assistants should contact Matt Jaggar in the first instance to agree the appropriate job description/hourly rate for their research assistant. Please note that all research assistants must be contracted by SOAS in order to receive payment for work completed. For further information on how to hire a research assistant please go to the research assistant section (on the left hand panel). The final deadline for all research assistant claims is 4th July 2014.

Cross-disciplinary Research Fund

The faculty proposes to make up to three awards for cross-disciplinary collaborative research leading to the submission of a significant institutional research funding application by the end of the academic year 2014. Applications should be led from within the Faculty but may include collaborators from other faculties or from institutions outside the School. The awards may be used, for example, to fund a pilot project, to hire research assistants, to get advice from external experts on any and all aspects of bid preparation, to pay for workshop expenses for collaborators or travel for applicants, and to help with bid drafting as well as any other reasonable expenses associated with conceiving of, writing and submitting an institutional research application. Please contact Elaine Jakeman for further details.

Small Grant Funding

Limited funds are available for small grant funding. This individual award is intended to promote the early stages of new research projects. Expenses the award may cover include research assistance, small pilot projects, workshops and travel. They may not be used to fund replacement teaching. Please contact Elaine Jakeman for further details.

Conference Presentation Funds

Limited conference presentation funds are available for faculty staff with some preference given to early career researchers. Conference funds will only be given where the applicant will be presenting a paper - a copy of the paper should be lodged with the faculty within four weeks of the conference date. Applications should also include an outline of publication plans for the paper. Please apply in the first instance to Elaine Jakeman giving details of the conference, the paper to be presented, and a specific account of the expenses likely to be incurred.

Principal Investigators Fund

Principal Investigators on externally-funded research grant projects which are calculated with FEC or otherwise include overheads are eligible for the Principal Investigators fund as long as he/she was the Principal Investigator on an externally funded research project. This applies to all full-time and part-time academic staff on teaching and research contracts, whether on permanent or temporary contracts. The Principal Investigator will receive a percentage of the research overheads generated from their externally funded research projects. Please contact your Departmental Officer for further information.

Travel Insurance

All staff should complete (in advance) the Application for Paid Leave form for overseas research related travel this will also ensure School travel insurance is authorised.

A comprehensive travel insurance policy is in force for all employees for travel undertaken on behalf of the School.

Please apply for an insurance travel card from your Departmental Academic Support Officer or directly from John Faulkner. You should take this card with you whenever you are travelling abroad.

Please note that:

  • Travel to Disturbed Areas is excluded unless terms are agreed in advance.
  • Travel for periods over six months is excluded unless agreed in advance
  • Losses should be reported immediately to the local police or the transport carrier.
  • Receipts should be obtained to support your claim.
  • To arrange cover for disturbed areas or for periods of more than six months as well as further details of the insurance cover please contact John Faulkner.


If you have any queries, please contact either the Associate Dean (Research) Dr Stephen Hopgood or contact your Departmental Academic Support Officer.

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