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HSK Courses


We offer two types of HSK Chinese exam courses:

HSK Glossing Courses

If you have learnt a certain amount of Chinese but want to get familiar with the HSK exam setting and format, and do mock tests under guidance of experienced teachers, then these options are for you.

We offer

  1. 4 hours SHORT course (choose any two Saturdays before the exam) £80
  2. 2.8 hours COMPREHENSIVE course (four Saturdays before the exam) £140

      January and April COMPREHENSIVE course only run three Saturdays due to bank holidays £110 

Course dates:

HSK_G courses are offered at all levels (i.e. HSK1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

NameExam DateClass Dates
HSK_G_JAN1531st January

Saturdays £110
10th January
17th January
24th January

HSK_G_MAR1528th March

Saturdays £140
28th February
7th March
14th March
21st March

HSK_G_APR1518th April

Saturdays  £110
21st March  
28th March
11th April

HSK_G_MAY1516th May

Saturdays  £140
18th April   
25th April
2nd May    
9th May

HSK_G_JUN1513th June

Saturdays £140
16th May    
23rd May
30th May    
6th June

HSK_G_AUG1515th August

Saturdays £140
18th July    
25th July
1st August   
8th August

HSK_G_SEP1512th September

Saturdays  £140
15th August  
22nd August
29th August  
5th September

HSK_G_OCT1517th October

Saturdays  £140
19th September  
26th September
3rd October     
10th October

HSK_G_NOV1514th November

Saturdays  £140
17th October  
24th October
31st October  
7th November

HSK_G_DEC155th December

Saturdays  £140
7th November   
14th November
21st November  
28th November


HSK Preparation Courses

If you need tutorials to learn the content of a particular HSK exam, we offer standard 5 weeks HSK1, HSK2 and HSK3 courses. There are pre-requisite for HSK2 and HSK3 courses, contact us for free assessment.

The courses will start five weeks before the exam. The course will be rather intensive and participants are required to work during their own time on top of the classroom contact hours.

The class will meet 4 hours per week (two days in the evenings during the week) for 5 weeks. Total contact time is 20 hours. Participants will have chance to learn the entire exam content, as well as the exam skills.

  • Fee: £ 250 per course
  • Free mock test/assessment will be offered at the end of the course.
  • Free registration for our HSK /HSKK exam.

Course dates:

NameExam DateClass Dates(weekdays)Dates
HSK1_P_Jan1531st Jan

No class

No class

HSK1_P_Mar1528th MarTue & Thur

Starts:Tuesday 17th February
Ends: Thursday 19th March

HSK1_P_Apr1518th AprTue & Thur

Starts:Tuesday 10th March
Ends: Thursday 9th April
(The replacement class will be arranged for bank holidays)

HSK1_P_May1516th MayMon & Wed

Starts:Monday 6th April
Ends: Wednesday 6th May.
(The replacement class will be arranged for bank holidays )

HSK1_P_Jun1513th JunTue & Thur

Starts:Tuesday 5th May
Ends: Thursday 4th June

HSK1_P_Jul1518th JulMon & Wed

Starts:Monday 8th June
Ends:Wednesday  8th July

HSK1_P_Aug1515th AugTue & Thur

Starts:Tuesday 7th July
Ends:Thursday 6th August

HSK1_P_Sep1512th SepMon & Wed

Starts:Monday 3th August to Wednesday 2nd September.
(The replacement class will be arranged for bank holidays )

HSK1_P_Oct1517th OctTue & Thur

Starts:Tuesday 8th September
Ends: Thursday 8th October

HSK1_P_Nov1514th NovMon & WedStarts:Monday 5th October
Ends: Wednesday 4th November
HSK1_P_Dec155th DecTue and ThurStarts:Tuesday 3th November
Ends: Thursday 3th December
NameExam DateClass Dates(weekdays)Dates
HSK2_P_Jan1531st JanNo class

No class

HSK2_P_Mar1528th MarTue & Thur

Starts:Tuesday 17th February
Ends: Thursday 19th March.

HSK2_P_Apr1518th AprMon & Wed

Starts: Monday 9th March
Ends:  Wednesday 8th April

HSK2_P_May1516th MayTue & Thur

Starts: Tuesday 7th April
Ends:  Thursday 7th May

HSK2_P_Jun1513th JunMon & Wed

Starts: Monday 4th May
Ends:  Wednesday 3th June
(The replacement class will be arranged for bank holidays )

HSK2_P_Jul1518th JulTue & Thur

Starts: Tuesday 9th June
Ends:  Thursday  9th July

HSK2_P_Aug1515th AugMon & Wed

Starts: Monday 6th July
Ends:  Wednesday 5th August

HSK2_P_Sep1512th SepTue & Thur

Starts: Tuesday 4th August
Ends:  Thursday 3th September

HSK2_P_Oct1517th OctMon & Wed

Starts: Monday 7th September
Ends:  Wednesday 7th October

HSK2_P_Nov1514th NovTue & Thur

Starts: Tuesday 6th   October
Ends:  Thursday  5th November

HSK2_P_Dec155th DecMon & Wed

Starts: Monday 2nd November
Ends:  Wednesday 2nd December

NameExam DateClass Dates(weekdays)Dates
HSK3_P_Jan1531st JanNo class

No class

HSK3_P_Mar1528th MarMon & Wed

Starts: Monday 16th February
Ends:  Wednesday 18th March

HSK3_P_Apr1518th AprTue & Thur

Starts: Tuesday 10th March
Ends:  Thursday 9th April 
(The replacement class will be arranged for bank holidays)

HSK3_P_May1516th MayMon & Wed

Starts: Monday 6th April
Ends:  Wednesday 6th May.
(The replacement class will be arranged for bank holidays )

HSK3_P_Jun1513th JunTue & Thur

Starts: Tuesday 5th May
Ends:  Thursday 4th June

HSK3_P_Jul1518th JulMon & Wed

Starts: Monday 8th June
Ends:  Wednesday  8th July

HSK3_P_Aug1515th AugTue & Thur

Starts: Tuesday 7th July
Ends:  Thursday 6th August

HSK3_P_Sep1512th SepMon & Wed

Starts: Monday 3th August to  Wednesday 2nd September.     
(The replacement class will be arranged for bank holidays )

HSK3_P_Oct1517th OctTue & Thur

Starts: Tuesday 8th September
Ends:  Thursday 8th October

HSK3_P_Nov1514th NovMon & Wed

Starts: Monday 5th October
Ends:  Wednesday 4th November

HSK1_P_Dec155th DecTue and Thur

Starts: Tuesday 3th November
Ends:  Thursday 3th December

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