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SOAS Library


[resources are available to all Library users on-campus; some resources will be available to SOAS students & staff only if off-campus]

  • AWOL (Ancient World Online)
    Directory to open-access historical texts on the Ancient World: includes late antiquity, Byzantium, early Church history, Syriac and Coptic studies, history of medicine.
  • A-Z Open Access journals on Ancient Studies
  • Byzantium: Byzantine Studies on the Internet
    From Fordham University (New York) – essays, articles, extracts and commentary on the history of the Byzantine Empire.
  • Canadio-Byzantina (newsletter of the Canadian Committee of Byzantanists)
    The online open-access newsletter of the Canadian Committtee of Byzantanists is currently hosted by the University of Ottawa. Coverage is from no.1(1992) onward. Press "Archives" to see back-issues. These can be viewed and downloaded as complete PDFs.
  • Dumbarton Oaks Resources for Byzantine Studies (Washington DC) A collection of print and e-resources (including open-access material) on all aspects of the Byzantine Empire. Individual collections include Online Lead Seals Catalogue, Resources for Syriac studies, Bibliography of gender in Byzantium, Translations of Byzantine saints' lives, and Dissertations on Byzantium  in North America.
  • Encyclopedia of the Hellenic World
    Covers Asia Minor, the Black Sea area and Constantinople / Byzantium from ancient times and includes articles, bibliographies, a directory of related weblinks and an historical interactive atlas with audio-visual material
  • Portail des ressources Byzantines (Université de Fribourg, Switzerland) The public part of this portal includes Project Typika (a database of terms relating to artifacts and raw materials mentioned in Byzantine documents), an interactive guide to web resources on Byzantium and a traditional bibliography
  • Prosopographie der mittelbyzantinischen Zeit
    A digital index to Part 1 of the print PmbZ (covering 641-867 AD) which documents the lives of individuals active in the Byzantine World. Part 2 is in development. Print editions are held at the Institute of Historical Research, Kings College (Maughan Library) and the British Library.

Other Libraries

Other Libraries in the London area with significant collections in Byzantine Studies are: