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SOAS Library

Image collections - East Asia: Japan


A virtual exhibition of Japanese contemporary art, photography and illustrations.


International Research Center for Japanese Studies


National Diet Library, Japan


Costume History in Japan

Illustrated history of costume inJapan, from the Costume Museum, Kyoto, Japan.


Digital Database of Nara Ehon Around the World - 世界のデジタル奈良絵本データベース

Digital Database of Nara Ehon Around the World is a free digital archive which aims to make available text and images of Nara picture books, illustrated manuscripts of fairy tales produced during late-Muromachi to early-Edo periods.


National Institute of Japanese Literature


Japanese Old Photographs Bakumatsu-Meiji Period

Searchable collection of photographs taken during the Bakumatsu-Meiji Period (1860-1899).


Kunisada and Kabuki

Online exhibitions created by the Fitzwilliam Museum


Kyoto National Museum

Provides an online image database with over 10,000 images of over 5,000 objects or sets of objects from the museum collection, searchable by keyword or category.


Modern Japanese artists - 現代日本の画家

An illustrated online biographical dictionary of modern Japanese artists and painters.


NDL Rare Books Image Database - 貴重書検索

Colourful images (approx. 37,000 items) from the collections of the National Diet Library, Japan published mostly in the Edo Period.


Nara National Museum, Japan: Masterworks of Buddhist Art & Antiquities

Provides 162 masterworks of Buddhist art and antiquities from the Museum’s collection, with superb colour images and text in Japanese.


Naraehon Database - 奈良絵本画像データベース

An image database of Nara ehon picture books in the collection of the National Institute of Japanese Literature


Nichibunken Databases - 国際日本文化研究センターデータベース

Online databases of primary Japanese resources from the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, which include many image databases such as Japanese art in overseas collections, emakimono (picture scrolls), Nara ehon picture books, early photographs, etc. Many resources are freely accessible, but some require registration with the site.


Shrines and Temples of Japan & Buddhist Sculpture of Japan

290 photographs of mainly Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples and sculptures.


Tokyo National Museum

The Museum was established in 1872. It collects, houses, and displays a comprehensive collection of art works and antiquities from Japan as well as other Asian countries. 500 of the various works of art and decorative art, archaeological relics, and other cultural assets from the Tokyo National Museum collection are also available to view on the internet.


Ukiyoe: the Pictures of the Floating World

Online exhibition, arranged by artists, categories, artists' signature, guide to the Ukiyoe sites of the internet.


Universes in Collision: Men and Women in 19th-Century Japanese Prints

Online exhibition of Japanese colour prints produced in the 19th century, from the Bayly Art Museum, University of Virginia.


Viewing Japanese Prints

Comprehensive exploration of the history and technique of Japanese prints and printmaking, the work of famous printmakers, and images. Excellent FAQs.


Virtual Museum of Japanese Art

Virtual introduction to a number of different Japanese arts:- Fine arts, Crafts, Performing arts, Pastime arts, Material arts and Others, with explanations and numerous photographs