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Resources by country/region

  • General Middle East

    Political resources on the Net/Middle East

    InfoProd Research (Middle East)
    Info-Prod is a market research company based in Israel. It researches markets across the Middle East, being involved in market analysis, pricing, advertising, logistics, legislation and regulations. The Country Guides section of the site has detailed legal, economic and business information on Middle Eastern countries (this information is not very up to date, but Info-Prod can be contacted for more help)

    Global EDGE
    Academic site providing a wide range of information by country.

    MAFHOUM : Arab World business Information
    Provides links to news and media, economy, finance and industry in the Arab World

    Middle East economic survey
    Weekly newsletter on oil and gas sectors in the Middle East but also assessment of political situation.

    IFPO Open Archives & Electronic Collections
    The Institut Français du Proche Orient (French Institute for the Near East) has put its archives (articles, chapters, e-books,  reports, audiovisual archives, etc.) and some of its publications on open-access.

  • Middle Eastern Countries

    Iran Statistics
    Iranistics.com as an independent nonpartisan website aims to make comprehensive databases of international organisations, scholars and resources devoted to Iranian studies.

    Iran virtual library
    Quite broad-range and clear though not very deep-researched web-site.

    IranCarto is a research site dedicated to cartographic studies on Iran and the Iranian world, past or present: society, demography, economics, politics, culture, history, language, arts, cities, countryside, etc. 555 cards from archives, atlas and new geographical works are available online


    Kurdish linguistic magazine, published twice a year since 1987 to spread the results of the linguistic seminars of the Institut Kurde de Paris on problems of terminology and standardisation of the Kurdish language. All issues of this periodical are available on the Site, as well as the Kurdish - French - English - Turkish index of the first 20 issues.

    Palestine (Gaza and West Bank)

    PASSIA :The Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs, Jerusalem 
    PASSIA is an Arab non-profit institution located in Jerusalem with a financially and legally independent status. It seeks to present the Palestinian Question in its national, Arab and international contexts through academic research, dialogue and publication Their website has a wealth of information on all issues related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, including facts sheets, detailed chronologies, maps.


    Ilahiyat Makaleler Veri Tabani
    Database of articles on Islamic Studies published in the journals of various
    Theology faculties in Turkey.

    Turkish electronic books.

  • Central Asian & Caucasian Countries

    Afghanistan Studies- Directory of Online Resources for the Study of Afghanistan 

    Afghanistan Digital Library
    The Afghanistan Digital Library is a project of New York University Libraries working to digitise as many published works (books, newspapers and reports) from Afghanistan as possible, covering all subject areas published during the period 1871-1930. Key topic areas include Afghan history, culture and politics. There are also numerous works on Afghan politics, many of which are published in Arabic. Details on copyright are provided on the website.

    Williams Afghan Media Project
    This site brings together several collections of photographic images of Afghanistan.


    Journal of Azerbaijani Studies
    A publication of the Khazar University, Azerbaijan

  • General Central Asia & Caucasia

    EurasiaNet provides information and analysis about political, economic, environmental and social developments in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus. EurasiaNet.org is operated by the Central Eurasia Project of the Open Society Institute. 

    Afghanistan and Central Asia Research Information (Indiana University)
    Look out for their comprehensive resources links for Afghanistan and Central Asia.

    Asia and the Pacific in Figures 
    A statistical pocketbook containing principal series and key indicators for the Asia Pacific region (including Central Asian countries), published by the Statistics Division of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

    Silk Road Papers
    A collection of policy-focused studies on the politics and economies of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

    Open Central Asia
    A quarterly magazine published in London covering business, culture and politics in Central Asia and the Caucasus, with a focus on relations between Central Asian and European nations.

    Caucasian Review of International Affairs
    The Caucasian Review of International Affairs (CRIA) is a Germany-based, quarterly peer-reviewed free, not-for-profit and online academic journal which has been published in English since 2006.