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Department of Linguistics

Linguists in other Departments


Graham Furniss
Professor of African Language Literature
African language literature; comparative African literature; Hausa language, linguistics and literature; Nigerian culture and language issues

Chege Githiora
Lecturer in Swahili
Swahili language, literature and linguistics; lexicography; Kikuyu language and literature; language planning and policy in East Africa; African diaspora in Latin America; language and culture in East Africa; orthography and standardization of African languages

Philip J Jaggar
Professor of West African Linguistics
Hausa language and linguistics; comparative Chadic

Lutz Marten
Senior Lecturer in Southern African Languages
Semantics; pragmatics; dynamic syntax; historical linguistics; comparative Bantu; Swahili; Herero

Martin Orwin
Lecturer in Somali and Amharic
Somali and Amharic language and literature; metrics and use of language in poetry

Akin Oyètádé
Lecturer in Yorùbá
Yorùbá language and literature; Yorùbá culture and linguistics with special reference to phonology; Yorùbá in the diaspora

China and Inner Asia

Nathan W Hill
Senior Lector in Tibetan
Old Tibetan literature and descriptive grammar; Tibeto-Burman historical linguistics; early Tibetan mythology and ritual.

Japan and Korea

Jae Hoon Yeon
Reader in Korean Language and Literature
Korean language and linguistics, especially morpho-syntax and linguistic typology; structure and history of Korean language; Korean language teaching and translation; modern Korean literature

Mika Kizu
Lecturer in Japanese
Theoretical linguistics; syntax; Japanese linguistics; second language acquisition

Barbara Pizziconi
Lecturer in Applied Japanese Linguistics
Japanese applied linguistics; language teaching methodology; second language acquisition with emphasis on pragmatic aspects; linguistic politeness

Near and Middle East

B George Hewitt
Professor of Caucasian Languages
Caucasian languages (especially South and North-West Caucasian) and linguistics; language work

Research Professor of Iranian and Central Asian Studies
Old and Middle Iranian languages; Indo-European comparative philology; history of Central Asia; identification and reading of inscriptions in Iranian languages; history of peoples, languages and religions along the Silk Road

Bengisu Rona
Senior Lecturer in Turkish Studies
Gender and social development in Turkey; Turkish media; literary trends in 19th and 20th century; linguistic change in Turkey

Mustafa Shah
Lecturer in Islamic Studies
The early Arabic linguistic tradition; classical Islamic theology and jurisprudence

Southeast Asia

Justin Watkins
Senior Lecturer in Burmese (Myanmar)
Burmese language and literature; Mon-Khmer and Tibeto-Burman languages; phonetics; computer lexicography