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London Middle East Institute

About the LMEI

Hassan Hakimian

The aim of the London Middle East Institute (LMEI) is to promote knowledge of all aspects of the Middle East including its complexities, problems and achievements.

We provide teaching, training, research, publication, consultancy, outreach and other services related to the whole of the Middle East. The LMEI is based at SOAS, University of London, the world's leading institution for the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East and home to one of the largest concentrations of Middle Eastern expertise in any institution in Europe.

Dr Hassan Hakimian
Director, London Middle East Institute

LMEI Centres

The LMEI is home to the following two centres:

Contact the LMEI

Address: London Middle East Institute, SOAS, University of London, MBI Al Jaber Building, 21 Russell Square, London WC1B 5EA. United Kingdom. 

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7898 4330
E-mail: lmei@soas.ac.uk

The Founding Patron and Donor, whose generous support helped the establishment of the LMEI, is Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber of the MBI Al Jaber Foundation. The Foundation supports a wide range of Middle East-related educational activities.