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London Middle East Institute

The Middle East in London Magazine

The Middle East in London is a bimonthly magazine published by the London Middle East Institute. Each issue is organised around a central theme related to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and the variety of themes is constantly growing. From issues focussing on particular countries (Iraq, Turkey, Palestine) to those spotlighting topics such as oil, contemporary art, the environment and minorities, the magazine endeavours to offer its readers articles that are thought-provoking and fresh; it is not a news publication. The works of contemporary Middle Eastern artists are often featured on the cover and inside the magazine, familiarising readers with MENA’s art scene and adding additional layers of depth to issue themes and individual articles.

Reviews of books, events, films, restaurants, etc. related to the Middle East can also be found inside the pages of The Middle East in London, along with a comprehensive guide to events pertaining to MENA happening in and around London.

Current Issue

October - November 2015

Endangered Languages

Losing our language diversity ♦ The death of Zoroastrian Dari in Kerman ♦ The Modern South Arabian languages ♦ Korandje from the 12th to the 21st century ♦ The case of Siwi ♦ The language of the 'Middle Eastern Gypsies' ♦ What if, 100 years on, school is not enough? ♦ PLUS Reviews and events in London