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Centre for Media Studies, School of Arts

Key Facts

  • The Centre is unique in the UK in its focus on media in the Global South. It offers an eclectic mix of postgraduate degrees whose non-Eurocentric approach offers fresh directions to examining the contemporary world.
  • A dedicated team of full time staff members who are research active, focusing on different aspects of communications, culture, society and critical media theory in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
  • Staff members regularly appear in the media as guests and commentators on various contemporary issues and themes depending on their regional expertise
  • With an excellent teacher:student ratio and personal contact, a high percentage of students are satisfied with their teaching.
  • Alumni go onto high profile careers in the media, in NGO and Think Tanks and academic research.
  • The centre has broad links with the media industry in the UK and the Global South
  • External examiners have consistently remarked positively on the outstanding quality of the students' work

Our Strengths

The Centre for Media Studies focuses on contemporary and historical trends in media and communications in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and their increasingly complex relationships with Europe and North America. The Centre is committed to theoretically and empirically addressing the Eurocentrism that still pervades media studies scholarship.

The breadth and complexity of today’s mediascape is addressed through a multidisciplinary approach which the Centre, being part of the School of Arts, is uniquely equipped to provide. Students will have access to and be encouraged to engage with theoretical collaborations that broaden the definition of traditional media forms to include the global music industry and art and architecture.

Teaching extends from older forms of media such as the press and broadcasting to digital media and the current multiple alternative spaces of cultural production, from cinema and television to computer and mobile phone screens. We combine a rigorous grounding in the skills basic to the degree under study with an expression of a student’s individual interests.

Our Associate Head says:

Dina Matar: Centre for Media and Film Studies


The Centre for Media Studies is unique in its attention to non-Eurocentric approaches to studying issues related to the communications, politics and cultures of Asia, Africa and the Middle East and their global diasporas. From histories of media development to contemporary social media; from globalization to localization of media practices and use; from cultural politics to political cultures and from mediated performance to visual spectacle, our eclectic degree programmes cover a variety of theoretical and critical approaches and their practical applications in a variety of contexts. Our location in the heart of London with access to global media centres contribute to a valuable student experience.

Dr Dina Matar

Associate Head

Centre for Media Studies


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