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Department of Music

Graduate Destinations

How does a degree in Music help with my career?

Graduates who specialise in Music at SOAS gain intercultural awareness and understanding of global music; vocational skills including sound recording, radio presenting and editing; and competency in a wide range of performance styles.  They develop familiarity with specific regions through the study of their music and culture. Graduates leave SOAS with a portfolio of widely transferable skills which employers seek in many professional and creative capacities, including interpersonal skills, communication skills, focus, team work, passion and dedication. Our students go on to diverse careers in music and related fields, including museum and sound archives, recording companies, arts management and media including Songlines and the BBC World Service. Our alumni include performers, music teachers, composers, and lecturers in ethnomusicology at universities around the world.

Destinations of recent graduates from this department immediately after graduation include:

  • Musicians
  • Teaching and other educational professionals 
  • Business and financial project management professionals
  • Business and related associate professionals 
  • Educational support assistants
  • Functional managers and directors
  • Journalists, newspaper and periodical editors
  • Officers of non-governmental organisations
  • Researchers 
  • Senior professionals of educational establishments
  • University researchers, unspecified discipline

DLHE Statistics

The chart above shows that SOAS Music graduates are very employable. Graduate Destination Surveys from 2011-2012 show that the majority of graduates who could be surveyed are either in work, further study or work and study.

Further information about DLHE is available on the Careers Service website.

What do Graduates do?

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