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Department of Music, School of Arts

Research Students (MPhil, PhD) in the Music Department

Recently Awarded PhDs

  • Kiku Day  Remembrance of Things Past: The Archaic Shakuhachi in Contemporary Contexts
  • Nicoletta Demetriou  The Fones Discourse: Ideology and Practice in Greek Cypriot Folk Music
  • Saida Daukeyeva Dombra Performance, Meaning and Memory among Mongolian Kazakhs
  • Hyelim Kim Winds of Change: Tradition and Creativity in Korean Taegum Flute Performance
  • Hyun Seok Kwon Cultural Globalization and the Korean Promotion Policy for Music Based on Tradition: A Study of the Activation Plan and Its Background
  • Cloris Lim Nanyin Musical Culture in Southern Fujian, China: Adaptation and Continuity
  • Sara McGuinness  Grupo Lokito: A practice-based investigation into contemporary links between Congolese and Cuban popular music
  • Christian Mau Situating the Myoan Kyokai: A Study of Suizen and the Fuke Shakuhachi
  • Moshe Morad  Music as a ‘Space’ of Identity, Interaction and Escapism, among Gay Men in Special-period Havana
  • Min Yen Ong Kunqu in 21st Century China - Musical Change and Amateur Practices
  • Sung-Hee Park Patronage and Creativity in Seoul: The Late 18th to late 19th Century Urban Middle Class and Its Vocal Music
  • Jutamas Poprasit  The role of music in the Thai funeral ritual in contemporary Bangkok: its history, performance and transmission
  • Sabina Rakcheyeva  Music as Cultural Diplomacy: A Personal Journey Using Improvisation as a Creative Tool
  • Jung Rock Seo Ancient Korean and Japanese Court Dance: Historical Relationship and Transmission: Case of Ch'oyongmu and Nasori
  • William Sumits The evolution of the maqam tradition in Central Asia: from the theory of 12 maqam to the practice of shashmaqam
  • Shzr Ee Tan  Ecosystems of Amis Aboriginal Song in Taiwan
  • Ilana Webster-Kogen  The Azmari Paradox: Ethnicity, Identity, and Migration in Ethiopian-Israeli Music
  • Chloe Zadeh  Analysing Thumri.
  • Sun Zhuo  The Chinese Zheng Zither: 20th - 21st Century Transformations
Ruard Absaroka
Staff Silhouette

Musical Networks and the Spatialities of the Digital Age City: Hidden Musicians and public musicking in Shanghai, China.

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Ignacio Agrimbau
Staff Silhouette

Discourse about performance practice among Iranian santur players and Ghanaian gjyil players.

Philip Alexander
Staff Silhouette

Klezmer music in contemporary Berlin

Cassandre Balosso-Bardin
Staff Silhouette

Xeremies. Majorcan bagpipes: anthropology of a musical instrument.

Michele Banal
Staff Silhouette

Mapping of professional music making in Bamako.

Joe Browning
Joseph Browning

Cosmopolitan natures: an ethnography of the global shakuhachi scene.

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Sheng-Shih Chi
Staff Silhouette

Music, politics and identity in Taiwan.

Great Lekakul
Staff Silhouette

Prachan: Music, Competition, and Conceptual Fighting in Thai Culture.

Eve Leung
Staff Silhouette

Glocalisation in East Asian Popular Music

Nan (Leo) Ma
Staff Silhouette

Revenue protection of the Chinese music industry.

Deirdre Morgan
Deirdre Morgan

Speaking in tongues: Music, identity, and representation in the international jew’s harp community

Jutamas Poprasit
Staff Silhouette

The role of music in the Thai funeral ritual in contemporary Bangkok: its history, performance and transmission.

Maria Rijo Lopes Da Cunha
Staff Silhouette

Discourse and practice of Tarab music in Lebanon.

Crispin Robinson
Staff Silhouette

Technicians of the Sacred: Generating transcendence in Afro-Cuban orisha worship. An ethnography of praxis in bata drumming.

Violeta Ruano-Posada
Violeta Ruano-Posada

'Music is the new battlefield': music creativity as a way to address conflict among Saharawi youth.

Gavin Walker
Staff Silhouette

Music, meaning and persuasion in South African public health compaigns.