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Doctoral School

Cumberland Lodge Scholarship

5 March 2014

Cumberland Lodge has been working with universities since 1947, in particular by hosting study retreats. Currently, about 3,000 students visit the Lodge each year in this way. The Lodge has also established a reputation for arranging interdisciplinary conferences on a wide range of topics, often with an ethical or societal slant, which bring together academics, people in public life, and those with a particular interest in a subject.

We are drawing these two strands of work together by establishing a scholarship scheme for doctoral students studying in the UK, to be launched this year. Designed to fit around their university studies, the scholarship will involve students taking part in our conference programme. In doing so, they will receive training and gain experience in: communication and public engagement, working collaboratively across disciplines, and networking – as well as enjoy Cumberland Lodge’s excellent facilities.

We are looking to recruit the first six scholars for the next academic year. Applicants must have the support of their university and be able to commit to a two year programme which involves spending six days at the Lodge each year. It is likely, therefore, that candidates will currently be first year doctoral students.

In particular, we are looking to appoint scholars who through their academic work/and or other activities, demonstrate a commitment to working in some way for 'the betterment of society'. They must have sufficient intellectual breadth to be able to contribute to conferences outside their own field, the confidence to speak in public and make presentations, and the social skills to benefit from the networking opportunities they will gain through contacts at the Lodge.  In short, we are not necessarily looking for candidates who display academic excellence, but those with a blend of academic ability, interest in ethics and society, and personal qualities which means they would benefit from an association with the Lodge and its activities.

Further details and an application form can be found on the Cumberland Lodge Scholarship website.