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Department of the Languages and Cultures of the Near and Middle East

PhD Students

Maha Abdel Megeed
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Muwaylihi's Isa ibn Hisham: Between 18th-Century Revival and 19th-Century Neoclassical Renaissance

Yakoob Ahmed
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The Role of the Ottoman Ulama in the Second Constitutional Period During the Parliamentary Elections of 1908 -1912

Nadia Ait Said-Ghanem
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Old Babylonian Omen Sentence Constructions investigated according to Arabic Sentence Structure Theory

A. Ebru Akcasu
Photo of Ayse Ebru Akcasu

The Non-Ottomans of Constantinople: Exiles and Expatriates, 1876-1909

Tahir Alam
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The Social, Educational and Cultural Formation of Identities of British Daru’l Uloom Madrassah Graduates and their Attitude Towards Modern Britain

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Siba Aldabbagh
Staff Silhouette

Word and Image in Visual Art and Poetry from the Arab World

Ayca Baydar
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The Hybrid Identity of the Karamanlis

Saleema F. Burney
Saleema Burney

Belief and Benevolence: A Case Study of Muslim Women Activists in London

Ferah Contopoulos-Engin
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The Role of the Media in Greek-Turkish Relations since 1999.

Sarah Doebbert Epstein
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The Ethics of Alterity: A Comparative Critical Approach to Language, Subjectivity and Agency in Arabic Rhetorical Theory and Poststructuralist Thought

Hannah Erlwein
Hannah Erlwein

Arguments for the Existence of God in Classical Islamic Thought: Origins and Trajectories of the Discourse (working title)

Taylan Gungor
Taylan Güngör

The mercantile experience of Ottoman Pera in the century after 1453

Laura Hassan
Laura Hassan

Physical theory and Creation in the thought of Sayf al-Dīn al-Āmidī (d.1233): a study of the integration of falsafī methods and doctrines into Ash’arī kalām (Working Title)

Kamal Hussain
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Epistemological Congruence of Modernist Thought: a Case Study of Minority Fiqh and Other Related Matters

Ayse Kara
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Istanbul through Moroccan Travellers’ Eyes from 16th to 18th Century: a Comparative Study of Moroccan-Ottoman Travel Writing

Amina Khatun
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Muslim Women Mystics: Transnational Religious Education in ‘Sufism’ and the Production of Gendered Knowledge and Spaces in the UK

Anastasia-Aglaia Lemos
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Inter-War Turkish and Greek Novels on Anatolia

Onees Lodhi
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Migration (Hijra) and Travel in Early Islam

Nora E.H. Parr
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Intertextuality in Palestinian Literature: Novel Formulations of Nation-ness

Fatima Rajina
Fatima Rajina

The ethno-religious identity of British Bangladeshi Muslims

Farrah Sheikh
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The evolving relationship between religion and ethnicity among British Muslims

Tariq Suleman
Photo of PhD student Tariq Suleman

Zionism and its Discourse in Indian Muslim Politics from 1917 to 1947