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Online Forms

At various stages throughout your studies it may be necessary to obtain formal certification of your status as a registered student at the University. In situations where your student ID card is insufficient evidence or documentary evidence is required (eg visa extensions or applying for part-time work). You can obtain an Official Certification Letter by completing the online form below, which will state your course of study and other relevant information that provides proof of your status as a student. Please read the information on the various letters you can obtain before submitting your application.  

Please also note that due to the high demand of requests at the start of the term, letters may take up to 10 working days to be processed.

The following are available online:

Change of Address Form

Please read the information of using the Change of Address form;

If you wish to change your Term Time Address, use SOAS Online Services to do this (select Change Details under "Update my Information").  Any changes you make here will automatically be made on your official student record.

If you wish to change your Home or Next of Kin details, please complete and submit the Change of Address form.  Once the change has been made, you will receive confirmation from the Registry through your SOAS email account.


Official Certification Letters

At the start of the academic year, all new students will be provided with a Certification of Enrolment letter within 10 days of full completion of enrolment.  Full time students additionally receive a Council Tax letter at the same time.  Students do not need to request this letter, it will be produced automatically and posted to your term time address.

If you require a new copy of these letters or any other letter during the year, please request it using the online system as detailed below:

  1. Please read the relevant information for the specific type of letter you require:

Please note that we also provide letters confirming enrolment, confirming completion of studies and confirming fees and/or sponsorship status.

  1. Please complete and submit the Official Certification Letter Request form found to the right of this page, indicating what type of letter(s) you require (you can request more than one type).  Please ensure that you complete all relevant sections as noted on the form.  Failure to complete the required information will delay our ability to produce your letter(s).
  1. Confirmation will be sent to your SOAS email account when the letter has been posted or is ready for collection (you will specify on the application form how you wish to receive the letter).

Transcript Request Form

  1. Please read the information on requesting a Transcript;
  2. Please complete and submit the Transcript Request Form;
  3. You will be notified when this request has been completed. 

Transport For London Full Time Student Discount

Students on a full time programme can apply for a student discount from Transport for London (TfL):

  1. Apply on-line at tfl.gov.uk/photocard.  You will be asked to quote your 6 figure student reference number;
  2. SOAS will approve applications on a daily basis once you have fully completed all elements of formal enrolment;
  3. You will be able to check the progress of your application via the TfL website.

Please note that the SOAS Language Centre has its own Registration, if non-Language Centre students apply on the Language Centre's page, your request will not be processed and your registration fee will be lost.


If you have any enquiries concerning your request, please email: registrar@soas.ac.uk