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Research Scholarships

MPhil/PhD Programmes
  1. SOAS Research Studentships (for any full-time Mphil/PhD programme) - CLOSED
  2. Economics and Social Research Council (ESRC) Studentships (for MPhil/PhD Anthropology and Sociology, MPhil/PhD International Development & MPhil/PhD Politics and International Studies at SOAS) - CLOSED
  3. AHRC Research Training Support Grant for current AHRC- funded Doctoral Students at SOAS only
  4. AHRC-funded project studentship in the Department of Music at SOAS - Project: Religious music of South Asia: continuity and change in performance and meaning - CLOSED - NEW
  5. AHRC-funded project studentship in Department of Asia at the British Museum and the Department of History of Art and Archaeology at SOAS - CLOSED- NEW
  6. Aida Sulayman Arif Bursary in Art and Archaeology (for PhD students in need of the bursary to fund the completion of their thesis) - CLOSED
  7. AKS Postgraduate Bursary (in Korean studies) -CLOSED
  8. Alphawood Scholarships (for full-time MPhil/PhD students whose thesis topic focuses on Southeast Asian art) - CLOSED
  9. Award for Fieldwork (for students currently enrolled in an MPhil/PhD at SOAS)  for students leaving for fieldwork from 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2016 - OPEN
  10. Bloomsbury Colleges PhD Studentships - The Bloomsbury Colleges is a consortium of six University of London colleges. Applications are invited annually for two PhD studentships, each of 3 year's duration, where SOAS is the lead college.  Three studentships for 2015-16 will be available at SOAS.  The successful projects are as follows:  A) "The food Practices of young children at home and in daycare: a cross context approach in a multi-ethnic London region" - Principal Supervisor: Prof. Harry West (SOAS) / Co- Supervisor: Dr Rebecca O'Connell (IOE).   B) "Schema acquisition in Indian music:  learning to compose and improvise in an oral tradition" - Principal Supervisor: Prof. Richard Widdess (SOAS) / Co- Supervisor: Prof. Susan Hallam (IOE).  C) Contemporary Women's writing in African languages in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa" - Prof. Lutz Marten (SOAS) / Co- Supervisor: Dr Mpalive-Hangson Msiska (BBK).   Further details of these studentships and information on the application process will be available early January 2015 on the Bloomsbury College website. - CLOSED
  11. CSJR Postgraduate Student Bursary (for full-time or part-time MPhil/PhD in Japanese Religions (Department of the Study of Religions) - NEW - CLOSED
  12. Elisabeth Croll Scholarship for fieldwork in China (for students currently enrolled in an Mphil/PhD at SOAS planning to undertake fieldwork in China, including mainland China and Taiwan) - CLOSED
  13. European Research Council PhD Studentships-  Applications are invited for two PhD studentships in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at SOAS, each of 3 year's duration for the project: Roads and the politics of thought: Ethnographic approaches to infrastructure development in South Asia - CLOSED
  14. Felix scholarships for Indian students -CLOSED
  15. Non-Indian Felix scholarship for a non- Indian student - CLOSED
  16. Jit Kaur Babak&Chanchal Singh Babak Nottingham Research Award (in Punjabi/Sikh Studies or Punjabi/Urdu Literature, for students currently enrolled in an Mphil/PhD at SOAS) - CLOSED
  17. Jaina Studies Scholarship for MPhil/PhD Study of Religions with a research proposal in Jaina Studies- CLOSED
  18. The Jordan Travel Grant (for currently enrolled doctoral students in the Dept. of the Study of Religions at SOAS to help with travel expenses) - OPEN
  19. Kamran Djam Scholarships (in Persian Language, Persian Literature and Iranian History) - CLOSED
  20. Kayoko Tsuda Bursary for PhD students in need of the bursary to fund the completion of their thesis - CLOSED
  21. Mo Ibrahim Foundation PhD Scholarships (in the field of Governance for Development in Africa for African nationals from an African country) - CLOSED - DEADLINE: 30 April 2015
  22. Meiji Jingu Japanese Studies Research Scholarships (in Japanese studies)  - Two scholarships are offered annually, either for existing PhD students at SOAS, or newly enrolling full-time MPhil students.  Students may be registered in any department, and be of any nationality, but must be working on some aspect of Japanese Studies - CLOSED
  23. Ouseley Memorial Scholarship (for research that requires the use of any Middle Eastern or Asian language.  For 2015-16 - this scholarship will be open to students who are already enrolled in a MPhil/PHD at SOAS) - CLOSED
  24. Santander Mobility Awards (for overseas fieldwork) - OPEN
  25. Saraswati Dalmia Scholarship (for MPhil/PhD in the Dept. of History of Art & Archaeology, which involves undertaking research in the filed of modern and contemporary Indian art) - EXTENDED TO 22 MAY 2015 - CLOSED
  26. Sasakawa Postgraduate Studentships (for any full-time programme which focuses on any aspect of Japan) - CLOSED
  27. Sochon Foundation Scholarship (in Korean Studies) - CLOSED
  28. SOAS Refugee Scholarships - The worsening crisis in Syria and its impact on those trying to escape the crisis has prompted the University to provide a package which covers full tuition fees and support for living costs to refugees and asylum seekers within the UK. OPEN
  29. Swire Scholarship in Chinese History - CLOSED
  30. The Tallow Chandlers - M. W. Beer- FOSFA Doctoral Scholarship in the economics of food and agriculture - CLOSED
  31. Tibawi Trust Awards (for Palestinian postgraduate students enrolled on a programme at SOAS for fieldwork and conferences) - CLOSED
  32. V P Kanitkar Memorial Scholarships (for the full-time MPhil/PHD in Anthropology with reference to Hindu Culture in South Asia  in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology or the full-time MPhil/PhD in Hinduism in the Department of the Study of Religions) - CLOSED
  33. Wolfson Scholarships (full-time Mphil/PhD programmes in the subject disciplines of Literature, Languages or History, for UK fee paying students) - CLOSED