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Undergraduate Research Awards

Deadline: 24 April 2014

Each year, six awards valued at £500 each will be made available to support full time undergraduates with the costs of an Independent Study Project (ISP).

An ISP is a one unit value course assessed by a 10,000 word essay on an approved topic of the student's choice and may be based on original fieldwork (aboard or in the UK), the critical analysis of documents and/or statistical materials, or may be an original synthesis of material derived from secondary sources. 

The research to be supported by this award must be conducted in the vacation - normally the summer vacation of the preceding year.

These awards are not intended for independent study projects which form part of a language year abroad. 

Other Conditions

Only available to full time undergraduates

After completion of the research project, the award recipients are required to submit a report (of approximately 1,000 words) to be countersigned by their Supervisor.

Only available to current students

Application Deadline

The closing date for completed applications is Thursday April 24 2014.

Application Procedures

Please apply online via this link to the on-line application form

One reference from your supervisor is required if you are doing a single subject degree. If you are following joint honours then two references are required.   
The reference form is available for download from the download box at the top right.

Please forward the reference form to your supervisor. Your supervisor must return the form by the due deadline by post or by email.  
Scholarships Officer
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Email: scholarships@soas.ac.uk
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