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Department of the Study of Religions

Study of Religions Student Profiles

Some of the things our students and alumni have said about us:

Sue Roach

PhD Buddhist Studies

SoR profiles - Roach

I would describe my time at SOAS as some of the happiest years of my life.

Simon Perfect

MA Religions of Asia and Africa

SoR profiles - Perfect

The Study of Religions department offers the perfect combination of unparalleled breadth of modules with excellent teaching by leading academics.

Andrew Werner

BA Sanskrit and Study of Religions

Andrew Werner

I have always had an interest in the history, culture and religions of South Asia and having experienced Sanskrit as a language before it was a logical choice to pursue it as a degree at SOAS

Carl Eoghain Cooper

BA Study of Religions

Carl Eoghain Cooper

The degree program is quite challenging and stimulating and makes me constantly reassess my preconceptions and look at issues from points of view that I had never considered before and I’m developing my skills.

Tullio Lobetti

PhD Study of Religions

Tullio Lobetti

The MA year was probably one of the most life-changing experiences in my life, and it was paramount in my decision to continue my studies towards an academic career.

Evan Ingram

MA Buddhist Studies

Male Outline

Kiran Coelho

MA Religious Studies

Kiran Coelho
Anna Malzy

BA Study of Religions

Anna Malzy

SOAS is all about the people! If ever I get frustrated with my studies I remember that I have met some of the most brilliant, funny and inspiring people through being here.

Dong-Kyung Lee, Korea University

Study Year Abroad

Dong-Kung Lee

My experience here of studying Buddhism and Taoism was highly inspiring

Meng Wang

MA Religions of Asia and Africa: Buddhism pathway

SoR profiles - Wang

The multilingual culture and great diversity at SOAS makes it a unique place to study.