Notes for Contributors


Authors are reminded that items submitted must follow the format requirements below to be considered for inclusion in SLR.

Submissions are invited from research students (PhD candidates) who have not yet received their doctoral award.

There are no rigid specifications regarding the length of submissions but we would advise something in the region of 5 000 words. Articles on the website range between 4 500 and 7 000 words.

The editors will only consider previously unpublished work with the exception of papers originally published in a language other than English.

Contributors can submit work as an e-mail attachment; upon consideration the editors might request a hard copy.

Please include a front page with your name, address, telephone number, institution and e-mail address and clearly indicate the title of your article.

All submissions should conform to the journal's style requirements. Submissions which do not conform will not be considered for publication.

References: The Reference system is the Harvard style which places within the text the name, date of publication and, following quoted material, the page reference, as a key to the full bibliographic details set out in the ‘Works Cited’. e.g. (Young 1990: 11)

Works Cited: There should be a full list of references set out as follows:

Surname, First Initial (Date of Publication) Book Title, place of publication: publisher.

Surname, First Initial (D.O.P.) ‘Article Title’, Journal, volume: issue (Month/Season), pp. refs.

Surname, First Initial (D.O.P.) ‘Article Title’ in Editor(s) name (ed.) [if applicable] Book Title, place of publication: publisher, pp. refs. e.g.

Bahri, D. (1999) ‘Women and the Trauma of Partition in Sidhwa’s Cracking India’, Interventions: An International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, 1:2, (pp.217-234).
van Leeuwen, R. (1995) ‘Love and the Mechanisms of Power: Kamal Abd al-Jawwad and Said al-Juhayni’ in Allen, R., H. Kilpatrick and E. de Moor (eds.) Love and Sexuality in Modern Arabic Literature, London: Saqi, pp.91-105.

2nd. editions or later:
Surname, First Initial (D.O.P.) Book Title (2nd edn.), place of publication: publisher.

Book titles in other languages should appear in italics with a literal translation in Roman in brackets. e.g.
Sham ka Pehla Tara (The First Star of Evening).

Do not include works which are not cited in the text or footnotes.

Notes should be kept to a minimum and numbered sequentially at the bottom of each page.

Abbreviations such as ibid. and op.cit. should be in Roman (i.e. not italicized)

Main Text: The main text should be justified, in Times font and 14-point size, with first-line of each paragraph (except first) indented 0.5 inches.

Quotes: Use single quotation marks, e.g. ‘...’; use double marks only for quote within quote, e.g. ‘... "...."; alternate as required.

Quotes in other languages should be translated in brackets after the original.

Quoted Extracts: All quotations longer than three lines should be separated from main body of text by 2 double line spaces above and below.

Extracts should be indented 1 inch from the left margin, in Times font and 14-point size.

For quoted extracts from other languages also include a full translation.

Original extracts should be in italics and the translation should follow in Roman (non-italicized).

Line Spacing: Main text should be double-spaced; quoted extracts should be single-spaced.

Ellipses: Use [...] for ellipses within a single sentence. Use [....] for ellipsis more than a sentence.

For ellipsis at end of sentence, use single sentence ellipsis, close quote, reference and follow with a period; e.g. ‘she took a breath and began [...]’ (32).

Book Reviews
At the top of your review please include the following information: AUTHOR’S NAME, Book Title, place of publication: publisher, date of publication, total number of pages [e.g. 340pp.], ISBN, Price (£ sterling)

Underneath that, indicate your name.

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