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Irena Hayter and Roya Shahr-Yazdi

SOAS Literary Review is a refereed journal edited by research students of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. The journal seeks to provide an international forum for research students working on humanities topics and focusing on Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Papers on literature, art. film and media are welcome. We encourage We contributions on all aspects of postgraduate research including papers, translations, fieldwork commentaries , and book and media reviews. We hope to stimulate dialogue between research students and scholars and forge links across institutions.

All articles accepted for publication are refereed by one established academic and one research student specialising in the particular field.

SOAS Literary Review Issue 4
Call for Papers

For details and style, please refer to Notes for Contributors.
Please send submissions to The Editors at the address below.


SOAS Literary Review, 3 (2002)

SOAS Literary Review, 2 (2000)

SOAS Literary Review, 1 (1999)

Notes for Contributors

Contact and Correspondence:

The Editors, SOAS Literary Review, c/o AHRB Centre for Asian & African Literatures (Room 399A), SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, London, WC1H 0XG, UK


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Editorial Board: Munizha Ahmad, Angela Atkins, Kai Easton, Anshuman Mondal, Peter Morey, Amina Yaqin

Previous Editors: Anshuman Mondal, Amina Yaqin, Munizha Ahmad, Kai Easton, Angela Atkins,Yussuf Sookdin

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