Call for Submissions

Forthcoming Issues

Although the journal welcomes submissions from any area of the Humanities related to Africa, Asia and the Middle East, three themed issues are planned for 2005-2006. These themes, detailed below, are meant to act as rough guidelines for anyone wishing to submit a paper, review, translation or fieldwork commentary to the journal in the forthcoming months. Your individual interpretation of the themes and research questions, as well as your interdisciplinary approach to them, are encouraged.


How is sexuality represented in literature? How do different literary traditions and social contexts affect representations of sexuality? For example, what can the discussion of Asian and African literatures add to the understanding of sexuality and its representation?

How appropriate is it to use theoretical approaches to sexuality and gender developed in the Western academy to discuss non-Western literatures? Is the very concept of sexual identity too culturally specific to be applicable to anything other than modern Western cultural production?

How do representations of sexuality interact with systems of censorship and expectations of propriety in different cultures?

How is the literary representation of sexuality affected by genre? To what extent do non-literary genres, such as legal, psychiatric, medical or religious discourses determine the language in which sexuality is represented in both literature and literary criticism?

The revised deadline for submissions for this issue is 31 May 2006.


How is the traditional, Western genre of autobiography being challenged (or affirmed) by recent developments in life-writing?

Is there a specific genre of postcolonial life-writing? What are its particular features and how does it intersect with other genres of life-writing?

What is the relationship between fiction and life-writing? How is the borderline between the two negotiated in recent life-writing?How are the relations and representations of ethnicity and gender evolving in life-writing?

The deadline for submissions for this issue is 31 July 2006.

The Modern, the Postmodern and the Postcolonial

What are the possible non-Eurocentric conceptualizations of modernism?

Does modernism's elevation of the aesthetic necessarily obfuscate the material conditions of cultural production?

How do non-western modernisms negotiate the tension between their local contexts and the homogenising impulses of advanced capitalism?

What is the value (if any) of postmodernism's insistence on plurality, heterogeneity and difference, for postcolonial criticism?

Is literary postmodernism preoccupied with textuality and verbal surfaces at the expense of referential reality? If so, how does postmodern writing from Asia and Africa manage to engage with history?

Does postcolonial literature resist, or does it reproduce, the logic and features of the global literary marketplace?

The deadline for submissions 31 October 2006.


  2005 SOAS Literary Review 
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