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South Asia Department

Recently Awarded PhDs & Current PhD Projects

Recently Awarded PhDs

  • Mona Chettri Identitiy Politics in the Eastern Himalayas

  • Syed Asif Haider Muslim Modernities on the Hindi screen
  • Rashi Rohatgi Abhimanyu Unnuth and the World of Mauritian Hindi Poetry
  • Mayurika Chakravorty  Enchantment and the politics of subversion: fantasy fiction in colonial Bengal
  • David Jonathan Lunn Looking for Common Ground: Aspects of Cultural Production in Hindi/Urdu, 1900-1947
  • Udeni Samarasekara  Reconstructing the Transition from Oral to Written: The Comparative Genesis and Reception of the Iliad, the Ramayana and the Aeneid
  • Soofia Siddique  Remembering the revolt of 1857: Contrapuntal formations in Indian literature and history.
  • Louise Harrington  Conflicted places and thirdspaces: the landscape of Partition in South Asian literature and film
  • Akhil Katyal  Playing a double game: idioms of same sex desire in India
  • Nuno Mourato  Translating Hinduism: Juan Mascaro and Indian Spirituality


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Manjita Palit  Songs of the Body: Embodiments of Sexuality in Bengali Literature and Culture, 1880-1920

Mara Malagodi  Constitutional Nationalism and Legal Exclusion in Nepal (1990-2007)

Abu Musa Mohammad Arif Billah  The Influence of Persian Literature on two Medieval Bengali Poets - Shah Muhammad Sagir and Alaol

Ana Jelnikar  Towards Universal Man: R. Tagore, W.B. Yeats, and Srecko Kosovel: Identity in Difference


Sutanuka Ghosh  Identity politics and the twentieth century bhadramahila in Bengali women's fiction


Choy Fah Kong  Saccakiriya: The Belief in the Power of True Speech in Theravada Buddhist Tradition


Fabrizio Ferrari  The Shunya Purana of Ramai Pandit: a survey of ancestral beliefs of Bengal

Angela Eyre  Land, language and literary identity: a thematic comparison of Indian novels in Hindi and English


Tsering Chakya  The Emergence of Modern Tibetan Literature - gsar rtsom

Hepzibah Israel  Protestant translations of the Bible (1714-1995) and defining a protestant Tamil identity

Hanne-Ruth Thompson  Towards a definitive grammar of Bengali: A study and criticism of research on selected grammatical structures


Rhoderick Chalmers  "We Nepalis". Language, literature and the formation of a Nepali public sphere in India, 1914-1940

Rochelle Pinto  The Formation of a Divided Public: Print, Language and Literature in Colonial Goa

Current PhD Projects

Priyanka Basu
Priyanka Basu

‘Cockfight in Tune: Reading Nations, Communities and Performance in the “Bengali” Kobigaan’

Georgie Carroll
Georgie Carroll

Working Title: Towards an Eco-Aesthetic of Indian Poetry

Mona Chettri
Mona Chettri

‘Ethnicity in Politics: a case study of the Nepalis of the Eastern Himalaya’

Syed Asif Haider
Syed Haider

Muslim Modernities on the Hindi screen

Eleanor Halsall
Eleanor Halsall

The Indo-German beginnings of Bombay Talkies, 1925-1939

Maddalena Italia
Maddalena Italia

The erotic untranslatable: the modern reception of Sanskrit love poetry in the West and in India

Masum Khan
Staff Silhouette

D. H. Lawrence and the post-Tagore writers of Bengali literature

Daniel Luther
Daniel Luther

Working title - Queering Normativity: Recovering the Small Voices of Sex in Literature and Film in India.

Aakriti Mandhwani
Aakriti Mandhwani

Everyday Reading: Popular magazines and Book publishing in Post Independence India

Leena Mitford
Staff Silhouette

19th Century Urdu Literature

Rashi Rohatgi
Rashi Rohatgi

Fighting Cane and Canon: Reading Abhimanyu Unnuth's Hindi Poetry in and outside of Literary Mauritius

Patricia Sauthoff
Patricia Sauthoff

Open Secrets and the Retention of Power in Kashmir Saivism

Chinmay Sharma
Chinmay Sharma

The Mahabharata re-constructed for Hindi and English publics: modernity and the 'national epic'

Krishna Prasad Upadhyaya
Staff Silhouette

‘Vulnerability and International Humanitarian Law: The Tharu Experience of Nepal’s Internal Armed Conflict (1996-2006)’

Bryony Whitmarsh
Bryony Whitmarsh

'The Narayanhiti Palace Museum: Memory, Power and National Identity'