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South Asia Department

Recently Awarded PhDs & Current PhD Projects

Recently Awarded PhDs

  • Mona Chettri Identitiy Politics in the Eastern Himalayas

  • Syed Asif Haider Muslim Modernities on the Hindi screen
  • Rashi Rohatgi Abhimanyu Unnuth and the World of Mauritian Hindi Poetry
  • Mayurika Chakravorty  Enchantment and the politics of subversion: fantasy fiction in colonial Bengal
  • David Jonathan Lunn Looking for Common Ground: Aspects of Cultural Production in Hindi/Urdu, 1900-1947
  • Udeni Samarasekara  Reconstructing the Transition from Oral to Written: The Comparative Genesis and Reception of the Iliad, the Ramayana and the Aeneid
  • Soofia Siddique  Remembering the revolt of 1857: Contrapuntal formations in Indian literature and history.
  • Louise Harrington  Conflicted places and thirdspaces: the landscape of Partition in South Asian literature and film
  • Akhil Katyal  Playing a double game: idioms of same sex desire in India
  • Nuno Mourato  Translating Hinduism: Juan Mascaro and Indian Spirituality


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Manjita Palit  Songs of the Body: Embodiments of Sexuality in Bengali Literature and Culture, 1880-1920

Mara Malagodi  Constitutional Nationalism and Legal Exclusion in Nepal (1990-2007)

Abu Musa Mohammad Arif Billah  The Influence of Persian Literature on two Medieval Bengali Poets - Shah Muhammad Sagir and Alaol

Ana Jelnikar  Towards Universal Man: R. Tagore, W.B. Yeats, and Srecko Kosovel: Identity in Difference


Sutanuka Ghosh  Identity politics and the twentieth century bhadramahila in Bengali women's fiction


Choy Fah Kong  Saccakiriya: The Belief in the Power of True Speech in Theravada Buddhist Tradition


Fabrizio Ferrari  The Shunya Purana of Ramai Pandit: a survey of ancestral beliefs of Bengal

Angela Eyre  Land, language and literary identity: a thematic comparison of Indian novels in Hindi and English


Tsering Chakya  The Emergence of Modern Tibetan Literature - gsar rtsom

Hepzibah Israel  Protestant translations of the Bible (1714-1995) and defining a protestant Tamil identity

Hanne-Ruth Thompson  Towards a definitive grammar of Bengali: A study and criticism of research on selected grammatical structures


Rhoderick Chalmers  "We Nepalis". Language, literature and the formation of a Nepali public sphere in India, 1914-1940

Rochelle Pinto  The Formation of a Divided Public: Print, Language and Literature in Colonial Goa

Current PhD Projects

Priyanka Basu
Priyanka Basu

‘Cockfight in Tune: Reading Nations, Communities and Performance in the “Bengali” Kobigaan’

Georgie Carroll
Georgie Carroll

Working Title: Towards an Eco-Aesthetic of Indian Poetry

Eleanor Halsall
Eleanor Halsall

The Indo-German beginnings of Bombay Talkies, 1925-1939

Maddalena Italia
Maddalena Italia

The erotic untranslatable: the modern reception of Sanskrit love poetry in the West and in India

Daniel Luther
Daniel Luther

Working title - Queering Normativity: Recovering the Small Voices of Sex in Literature and Film in India.

Aakriti Mandhwani
Aakriti Mandhwani

Everyday Reading: Popular magazines and Book publishing in Post Independence India

Patricia Sauthoff
Patricia Sauthoff

Open Secrets and the Retention of Power in Kashmir Saivism

Chinmay Sharma
Chinmay Sharma

The Mahabharata re-constructed for Hindi and English publics: modernity and the 'national epic'

Krishna Prasad Upadhyaya
Staff Silhouette

‘Vulnerability and International Humanitarian Law: The Tharu Experience of Nepal’s Internal Armed Conflict (1996-2006)’

Bryony Whitmarsh
Bryony Whitmarsh

'The Narayanhiti Palace Museum: Memory, Power and National Identity'