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South Asia Department

BA Hindi and ... (no longer on offer)

This degree programme is no longer on offer, and has been replaced by the Hindi Language Pathway through the BA South Asian Studies (4 years) and BA South Asian Studies and... (4 years) degrees. This page remains only for the purpose of reference for students already enrolled. The Department continues to offer a full range of courses in Hindi language, literature and culture.

Convenor: Dr Francesca Orsini

Combined Honours
Year 1
  • Hindi Language 1 (core course)
  • South Asian Culture (compulsory course)
  • 2 units in other subject
Year 2
  • Hindi Language 2 (core course)
  • Readings in Contemporary Hindi (compulsory course)
  • 2 units in other subject
Year 3
  • Study in India
Year 4
  • Hindi Language 4 (compulsory course)
  • one further full Hindi unit from the following options:
    Literature and Colonialism in North India (0.5 unit) Term 1 and
    Narratives of Mobility in Contemporary Hindi Literature (0.5 unit) Term 2;
    Directed Readings in a South Asian Literature and Culture (Hindi) (0.5 Unit) Term 1 and
    Extended Essay in South Asian Studies (0.5 unit) Term 2;
    An Independent Study Project in South Asian Studies (1 unit)
  • 2 units in other subject